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OUTINGS! – Brian Seah

For me, I believe that though shooting weddings are fun and all that, with events providing interesting photos, there always can be more ways to enjoy and enhance photography skills. Seminars are one. Workshops. Classes. But one of the ways that has the greatest impact in my life is going on photography outings.

Recently, I’ve joined this online Facebook Group “Shutter Journey of Singapore” created by this couple, Allan and Ling, who’ve started photography a year ago. Interesting thing about the couple is that they use cameras of different systems, Sony Alpha and Canon. WEIRD COMBINATION! But they work around it pretty well!

Been spending some time going for various outings and joining them for different shoots, and through it, I not only met different people from various backgrounds and levels of photography, but I begin to see the world through a different perspective and even learn new things.

Group Shot (Boat Quay)

Group Shot (Boat Quay)

The common misconception that some “senior-ish” photographers have is the mentality that they have been through it all, seen all types of styles, angles and whatnot. But I honestly would like to say my point of view: I am MARVELED by the passion, dedication, creativity and perspective of this group. Going through different area shoots with them, with its Limited Series (Limited Lenses or Limited Equipment Style-ed) and its Location Series (Kallang Stadium), I not only shot and “practiced” what I read in books and magazines, but even try new styles and head-ed back to Post Processing to increase the effectiveness and message of my pictures

Dont Learn All Alone :D

Dont Learn All Alone :D

In fact, one of the simplest pictures that I like from the outings was this picture taken by my girlfriend, Rachel. Simple, a easy shot. But to me, never saw it this way before. In fact, this is one the styles that I am going to adapt to.

Rachel's Shoot at Barrage

Rachel’s Shoot at Barrage

Hope to blog again soon with more wonderful pictures!
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Thanks a lot Brian!

From Allan & Ling.
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