Perverted Photographers Shooting Beyond Your Clothes

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*NOTE: This note contains some photos that may caused discomfort to some. This note is purely meant for informative sharing and warning to females.

Mannequine Example

Heard of X-Ray? Heard of Infra-Red? Sitting in between these 2, there’s a filter which actually allows the user to see through clothings in various levels. Known as PF4 or IRX (Which means Infrared+X-ray) or a GTS2 filters in the market, these are filter were manufactured for biochemical and research use. However, rougue users converted such filters and modified them, making it suitable for DSLR or Handicam use became a dream for the perverted shooters.

The KAYA PF4 See through Filter

The manufacturer of the PF4 See-through filter is KAYA Optics. Read More here,

More information on this filter here;

Here’s another version;

Perversion has no bounds.

Sadly, it is still widely available on ebay. For less than USD$100, perverted crooks can get to see beyond your clothes. you think that is not bad enough, even some mobilephone will come pre-fix with such a filter similar to the PF4, like Vondafone.

The World will tranform into a unreal world of eveything “see-through” and transparent. Privacy will no longer exist in dictionaries and laws will no longer covers outrage of modesty. How to? There’s none with such a filter.

So ladies, if you sees someone pointing a camera at you and shooting, do walk over and and check if it is a PF4. If it is, call the POLICE.

We must stop these perverts!

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  1. Holly says:

    OMG! That was really alarming. So sad that those items are widely available in ebay or online shops. You can’t easily notice if someone took picture of you specially when you are so busy doing something. 🙁

  2. fotopreneur says:

    Wew, wachout ladies, and great post Allan, made us more allert when someone pointing camera to us. anyway fyi i put your blog on my blogroll.

    it an Indonesian blog, post about photography and its relevance with entrepreneurship, wish u okay with that. regards



    one good example of pervert photographer, spouting christian mumbo jumbo

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