Sony Alpha SAL (DT) 18-55mm F3.5-5.6

This Sony Alpha DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 came as a kit lens for the Sony Alpha A230 DSLR which we use as an alternate to the main Canon EOS System that we are using. This also happens to be our first Sony DSLR and our first Sony lens. Will not touch on too much on the body and performance of the A230 here, it will be featured separately when we start to review camera bodies. Back to the lens, this is the new version (Mark II) version that we gotten. On direct comparison, the newer version has a rubber grip that is more refined as compared the more rugged older version. But both lenses are a pleasure to use and handling are fine. The 18-55mm range is to replace the 1st generation 18-70mm kit lens after Sony bought over the tech-know-hows from Konica Minolta which first made its appearance as a kit lens on the "direct copy" Alpha 100.

*Picture: Sony SAL (DT) 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 SAM

This kit lens is no push-over when compared with direct similars like the Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS or Nikkor 18-55mm (DX) VR. This Kit lens incorporates aspherical and Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements to this all-purpose lens with outstanding image quality. Well, if you are wondering why Canon has Image Stabilizer (IS) & Nikon has Vibration Control (VC) built into their lenses but not Sony, well, Sony’s SteadyShot (SS) is built into the body instead. And it works well with this configuration too. Do not expect Carl Zesis quality with this lens but when compared with the competition, this 7 apeture blades lens produces great image with super quality that will likely to shame photos taken with other brands’ equivalent. Powered by Sony’s Smooth Autofocus Motor (SAM), the focusing is reasonably fast and precised, but a tad noisy when the motors works a little hard in low light conditions. (Don’t expect Sony to put SuperSonic Motor (SSM) in kit lens if you are wondering).

Like all kit lenses available in the market, these are consumer lenses which is designed to sell to the masses. Construction of the lenses are usually fuss-free designs to keep manufacturing costs low. Expectably, this Sony lens feels a little plasticky on my hands but perfectly acceptable for general use. A great beginners’ lens to try, learn and exploit it’s full capabilities before shopping for the next upgrade. Lastly, the macro capabilities (x0.34) of this lens are commendably good and respectable. We have produced stunning macro photos with this lens too! 

*Picture: Sony SAL (DT) 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 SAM
Some Quick User Facts/ Information:
(If you are looking for the specs, please google yourself, it’s all over the internet.)
– Filter Size 55mm
– Lens Hood ALC-SH0006 (Sold separately).

– AF Runs on medium-fast Smooth AutoFocus mechanical motor (SAM) – (and you get medium-level focusing noise). 
– Focal Range when used on Full Frame bodies with 35mm sensors – 27mm to 82.5mm.
– Sony Alpha-Mount DT is designed for use on APS-C Cropped Bodies (with corresponding increase x1.5 APS-C).
What I Like:
– Good Image Quality (Surprisingly) from a Kit Lens.
– Light & small, but feels solid enough to take abuse.
– Lens Build had improved from the previous version.
– Good magnification ratio.
– Nicely Priced.
– 55mm Filters are cheap to buy.

What I Hate:
– No Distance Scale Meter.
– Focusing speed is average.
– Hood not supplied.
– Plastic mount.

*Picture Source Internet.

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