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Following our article yesterday on SgCameraStore’s Opening Sale at their new premise (Excelsior Hotel). We popped by earlier during lunch to check out their new store. As expected, the shop is neat and organized, certainly well stocked and comprehensive! The lunch crowd came while we were there and as observed, 9 customers came in a short period of 15 minutes while we were there. The staff on duty was helpful and knowledgeable – able to find what the customer need within seconds and very friendly to speak to. Every customer was greeted and served within minutes – an important aspect here as lunch time is short. Everyone was smiling – both customers and staff, the mood inside the store was almost jovial and light hearted. Great ambience to do photography shopping if you ask me.

Good news for photographers who are into WhatTheDuck! SgCameraStore is the appointed exclusive distributor/dealer for WhatTheDuck Merchandise in Singapore. No more buying off ebays!!!

There are so many photography shops in Singapore, and each store has its niche and service standards (and even some of the customers these establishments serves are different from shop to shop too). SgCameraStore will stand out from the rest with their great service, great deal and great smiles. 
We decide to nickname SgCameraStore.com the "Photo Store with Personality".

My Shopping Experience Rating: 9/10

Below are some photos we managed to "sneak" during our visit today. 

Picture: The Welcoming Front.

Picture: There Is Something For Everyone!

*Picture: Well Stocked!

Picture: Lots of great Stuff for sale!

Picture: Great Used Gears on Sale too!

Picture: All Photographers Should Know This Fella – the Famous WhatTheDuck! Don’t know? Go Google.
SgCameraStore is located at:

No 5 Coleman Street #02-18
Excelsior Hotel and Shopping Center Singapore 179805
(next to Peninsula Shopping Center )
3 minutes walk from City Hall MRT
Tel : 63362273 Hp : 93531915


Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat 11am -8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm
Closed on Public Holiday

For Studio/ Classroom ( Studio rental / workshop / Photography courses
No 34, Arab street 303-02 Singapore 199733
Tel : 93531915

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