Journeying with Shutter Journey – by Nicole Wong

Originally Published on by Photographer Nicole Wong.

It has truly been a shutter journey for myself, as well as a bunch of friends I met through the Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group on Facebook.

I still remember myself having clicked “Join” and lurking there for quite sometime, looking through the photographs and hesitating to attend the outings that were organized twice a week by Allan and Ling.

“Reflections” was my very first photo outing with them, and it so happened that I picked a challenging topic to attempt on. My initial fears were unfounded, for I have not found just a group for photography, but friendly, helpful bunch of photographers! (and they are very funny people too!)

To date, I’ve gone on about 14 outings with them, and yes, still enjoying myself thoroughly. :P

I never failed to laugh myself silly, or simply enjoy the company as well as shooting at each outing, and that one thing I must add, rain or shine, the outing’s still on. Weather has not been a stopping factor to the outings each week.

Every week’s outing focuses on different aspects of photography, and making use of whatever camera equipment to shoot with. Of course, the constant camaraderie makes each shoot unforgettable, with tales that get retold, or having a good laugh.

Wednesdays and Sundays have never been this good, though I tend to skip shoots due to work or other commitments.

Photography is a healthy addiction. -Nicole

It’s heartening to note that the group has grown to about 550 members. w00t! Check out the group’s facebook as well as the blog!

PS: I never wanted to attach any photos here, because I want you to go check them out on Facebook! :)

PPS: Oh yes, don’t be shy, come along to any of our shoots, and have fun! Check them out on Facebook ok? I hope to see you there and let’s all have fun!


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