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Connie Yeo

I last saw Connie 19 years ago, back in high school. I still remember a little nickname I gave her back in school, we called her “YSL”, invented from her name’s initials and coincidentally, a name of a popular cigarette at that time. Just months ago, We got “reunited” again after almost two decades and we were brought together again through photography. Unbelievably true. Some times it is just hard to explain why certain things are planned in a certain way, in life.

Connie is on Olympus system, which is considered a “rare” in the current trend and market domination by Canon, Nikon & Sony. Behind the shutter, Connie sees things quite differently from the rest (most) of us. She can be rather abstract and alternative from the way she compose her photos, while her mainstream photos are just as good! Looking at her photos, I see a budding photographer well on her way to become a photographer who are capable of artistic photo expressions one day. 

A cheerful person by nature, Connie loves jokes and fun stuff like every other photographer in the group. Her humour on some her photo captions made me and everyone else laughed for days. (How can anyone resist anyway? – Haha) Before I forgot, I would also like to add that she is a very meticulous person and always well prepared for the unforeseen. (The answer is – what’s in her bag. :)~ ) Connie is really fun to be with at photo outings!

As usual, we browsed her albums and selected a few pieces of her work to be featured here. (no need to ask – we didn’t get her permission first)

Ways to Contact Connie;
Email: connieyeo@gmail.com
Web: NIL
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ConnieYeo
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