Latest Cream of The Crop – Shopping at SgCameraStore!

We received another tip-off from a few fellow photographers just days ago that SgCameraStore now carries some new and really cool stuff.
Following that, we went down to "shop" & check out what’s so interesting that got so many photographers talking.
Targus Filters-
Was kinda shocked when I saw this. Targus has been widely known as a very established and strongly branded name for high quality laptop bags/ carriers. Was not aware that they manufacture camera related accessories too. In this case, UV filters and Circular Polarizer (CPL) filters! I bought the 52mm version for my Canon EF28mm F2.8 eventually to try out the filter. Using a light meter, the raw light penetration was recorded at 92% and UV cut was 40%. If you are lost here, expensive filters like Hoya or B+W (UV) has a penetration rate of 95% and UV cut of 50-60%. While lower end filters (usually OEM, Indonesia or China Made) has a raw penetration of 87-90% and a UV cut of approximately 35% on average. This simple test simply shows that the Targus brand filters are not just a mediocre sub-product line, but a real performing filter at a great price!

Here’s how the packaging looks like.

And the filter is smart looking too.

The other product that caught my eye is;

AC*MAXX- LCD Screen Protector –
I am very sure almost all photographers experienced some form of "freak" accidents before with their gear. One of the very important part (in my view) has to be the LCD Screen. Once, I hit my Canon 5D MKII against a fellow photographer’s lens during a Press Conference and it hit directly on the screen! Thank God the film-type protector I had on my LCD screen save the LCD screen from being scratched, but the protector has to be replaced after the accident. Anticipating that such things happened often, especially in journalism where photojournalists are constantly banging into each other and gear against gear, I am out looking for something more hardy to withstand possible accidental knocks & abuse. The staff on duty recommended AC*Maxx. This is a hardy acrylic-type protector and it feels very strong when I tried to bend it – but did not succeed. (lolza) This protector is much thicker than the regular film type and it does not obstruct the original view of the LCD. I was later told that this protector also helps in the waterproofing at the LCD edges even though my camera is already weather-proofed. This is like added "peace of mind’ at a really great price!

In fact, it made my camera really elegant after I put it on. The package also includes a smaller piece for the top view LCD Menu for my camera. I am very sure that my camera’s 2 LCD screens are really protected and I feel really safe now.

Here’s how the AC*MAXX protector package looks like.

and after I added to my cam.

the main LCD.

The top LCD.

Looks great eh? I was really happy with my purchase and I will be returning to shop for more stuff really soon!

I’ve included SgCameraStore’s details below – just in case you feel like making your way down too. :)~ 
SgCameraStore is located at:

No 5 Coleman Street #02-18
Excelsior Hotel and Shopping Center Singapore 179805
(next to Peninsula Shopping Center )
3 minutes walk from City Hall MRT
Tel : 63362273 Hp : 93531915


Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat 11am -8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm
Closed on Public Holiday

For Studio/ Classroom ( Studio rental / workshop / Photography courses
No 34, Arab street 303-02 Singapore 199733
Tel : 93531915
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