Latest Products Announced at SgCameraStore!

SgCameraStore is indeed causing a storm recently. Since their outlet opened, There are new announcements almost on a weekly basis! Photographers from all arena are talking about them, so if you have not been "introduced" to SgCameraStore, do check them out soon, or be left behind. 🙂

Now Akaline Batteries can be charged.

A FIRST for the world, this revolutional charger charges regular Akaline Batteries! Save the earth, stop more toxic being dumped into our environment on a daily basis, get this charger and do your part for the nature today! Retailing at only SGD $85!
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And who says you can’t see in the dark?

A real Night Vision Camera (NVG), the YASHICA EZ Digital NV-1 is a 5 megapixel wonder that allows the user to see beyond your eyes can see at low light conditions. This NVG comes with Video recording function with a 5x Digital Zoom, a nice 2.7 inch display LCD and weights a mere 80g! SGD $150 ONLY!
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Explore the world beyond your eyes.

A lot had been said about front mounted "Macro convertors". The Pros laughed at it, the semi-Pros tried and off-loaded it, the beginners got cheated into buying this while some bought one of these convertors simply because a real macro lens does not come cheap.

The Raynox DCR-250 is one that made a difference. Featuring a 3 piece ACHROMATIC glass (unlike cheaper convertors that is simply a one piece magnifying glass), this allows the user to capture superb macro close up shots of subject with minimal detail lose! When used on zoom lenses, at the telephoto end, the Raynox converts any lenses into an almost 100% Macro lens! And when added to real macro lens, the details of the subject will be even more stunning! But, practise is required to fully understand and to use the Raynox. Well, google yourself and see the photos taken with the Raynox, you won’t believe what you see. SGD $125.
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Make your way to SgCameraStore soon!
SgCameraStore is located at:

No 5 Coleman Street #02-18
Excelsior Hotel and Shopping Center Singapore 179805
(next to Peninsula Shopping Center )
3 minutes walk from City Hall MRT
Tel : 63362273 Hp : 93531915


Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat 11am -8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm
Closed on Public Holiday

For Studio/ Classroom ( Studio rental / workshop / Photography courses
No 34, Arab street 303-02 Singapore 199733
Tel : 93531915
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4 Responses to Latest Products Announced at SgCameraStore!

  1. Sue says:

    Raynox DCR-250, mm tempting :)

  2. Shutter says:

    Sue Fang, try it at the shop. Not easy to use, but when once U know how it works, it will give you lots of great macro shots.I reviewed it here because I have personally tried it and it works. And some of my fellow photographers are using this too as an alternative to Macro lenses. :)~

  3. Sue says:

    hee noted :)true, i wouldn’t need to get the tamron macro, save $$$ :P

  4. Shutter says:

    Sue Fang, Not exactly true lah. If can afford, it is still better to get a Macro Lens in the long run. Macro Lens allows 1:1 magnification which is important as most macro photos need to be cropped after. Easier to use. Raynox will be a good practise tool though. Interested to get? SJS got member price.

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