Thanksgiving Notes – from Photographers.

From the Founders of Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS)

Recently we posted a note on our Facebook wall in the spirit of Thanksgiving and asking photography friends to write a note about what they think of Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group. After reading the notes, we are very glad that our key objective of creating a carefree photography group for photographers of every level had been met 100%. That, truly further strengthen our believes that photography not only brings people together, it helps people to discover little things in life that they themselves are sometimes not even aware of.

Before we get to the submitted notes below, please allow us to sincerely thank all of you who had played an important part of the group’s growth, we are indeed grateful for your support.

Thank you, each & everyone of you.

Allan & Ling
SJS Founding Photographers.

From Alvin Chow via

Hi Allan & Ling,
I rarely writes any Thanksgiving notes so if this is lame, please bear with it, lol:)

I would like to thank Connie for inviting me to join this wonderful group of photographers. The events are enjoyable, the people are friendly and professional with lots of knowledge to share and for me to learn. I started photography on a more serious note only from August 2010 till today.

I guess this has been a very fruitful 3rd quarter 2010 for me as I have been taking more photos than I have ever did in any part of my life.

Thanks to Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group for organizing so many events and creating a platform for learning!

Alvin Chow

From Ang Choo Wee via

It’s been about exactly a year since I picked up my Nikon D300s. Throughout the year, photography has brought me to many places both locally and abroad, which also found me many new friends. These are all priceless memories that make me understand that photography is not only the right choice, but also a new lifestyle that I will continue for many Thanksgivings to come.

But why am I especially thankful to Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS)?

To begin, there were many SG photography groups that I have shot with, with friends, as well as at events that I was invited to witness. I’m glad I shared a part of the special occasions, the laughter with friends, and  the learning experience with the many proficient photographers I’ve met.

SJS, however, holds a deeper, more special meaning for me. In SJS, I found all of the three ‘offerings’ above. SJS was more than a photography group, more than just friends, and more than just events and walkabouts. It is a group of people who enjoys shooting. Carefree shooting to be exact.

And people joins the group NOT just because it was technical, or for free knowledge being shared freely in the group, or just because they can make more new friends, or that SJS has one of the most varied and interesting themed shoots amongst the groups in Singapore, or maybe even for the fact that SJS are one of the fastest growing groups in SG.

Most important of all, however, was the “soul” of the group. That “soul” came from the Founders Allan Lee and Ling Tan, together with a team of dedicated the moderators. I count myself lucky to have joined the group earlier this year, when the group was smaller and a little more informal.  I remembered it was a Wednesday “limited” shoot at Orchard, and that was the “50mm Mono Night”. The smaller intimate setting then allowed me the luxury of getting to know everyone on a more personal level, and from then on, I was hooked.

As the year moves on, the success of the group was apparent – the size of the group got larger, the frequency of shoots becomes more frequent and shooting events were well planned out in advance. Even more amazing was the many times that we were approached by totally strangers on the street, who were enthralled by the energy of the group and walked up to us to ask about the group and if they could join us. Today, SJS even have Exclusive Group Specials, Invitations to shoot at Closed Events, and even a Group Photography Library coming up!

That, we have the “soul” of the group to thank. From the first shoot, I too, saw the SJS team facing many challenges, both internal and external. As the group got bigger, shoots had to be even more well planned,  well managed, and they even take safety as a consideration! For all the carefree times of shooting, lies the many hours of careful planning and time spent meeting up amongst the team. What is most amazing to me is, despite the growth in the group, the Founders and Moderators still finds the time, energy and takes effort to still preserve the intimacy and getting to know everyone personally.

Special thanks goes to Allan, whose tireless efforts in arranging Exclusive Event Shoots, Photography Lessons and special tie-ups with camera suppliers. For me, and any other newbies out there, he basically played the “Big Daddy” role in guiding us through our initial journey into photography, which would otherwise be a lot less easy.

Great thanks to Ling, Celes, and Shela as well. Despite their busy work and personal schedules, are present at almost every shoot to uphold their responsibilities with a smile.

Last but not least, I am very thankful for the people I have met in SJS, some of whom have developed beyond photo buddies. Some have became Food buddies, some turned chill out buddies, and many others who have provided much laughter even online where we shared our life’s intimate moments as well as funny moments on Facebook.

Thanks SJS, for giving me something to be thankful for the thanksgiving.

Ang Choo Wee

From Krist Goh via

I don’t really know how to start writing, (laughter) and my “England” is not exactly fantastic.
But I really want to Thank a lot people.

First, I would like to Thank Maureen (my great PAL) for bringing me along for Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS) photo-shoots. I got to know a lot of great people and made lots of friends.

The Founders, Allan & Ling have been a great pair of event-organisers and doubling up as “Shi Fu” all this while….. (and Allan never fails to “terrified” me while both of them lead & teach me along the way. =X)

Celes, Connie and Shela are always there to help me during shoots, they plays the important role of a “Jie Jie” (elder sisters) while taking care of every other members of the group.

As I attended more SJS shoots, I got to know more friends…. , great people like Jennise, Cassandra, Weeyang and Uncle Sebby (and many more!).

Special Thanks to some of them who actually lend me their gears and even help me by posting photography links for me in preparation for certain shoots.

SJS is like a big family, never fail to share/ play and have lots of fun laughing together! =) Everyone in SJS is like a piece of puzzle in my life. =)))))
(LOL… I think I wrote too much… !!! NVM lah ! LOL )

On a side note: SJS, Really Thanks for Everything. =)

From Nicole Wong via

Allan & Ling,
Since I started shooting with Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS), it’s not just about improving photography skills, but rather, sharing and learning along with everyone along the way. I had my fair share of fun, laughter and enjoying the many different kinds (genres) of outings that SJS organized. 

Prior to joining SJS, I am a casual shooter giving no hoots about photography rules etc. Things changed soon after, and I found myself often looking up Google, viewing other photographers’ works, or even ask questions on things I do not understand, constantly seeking critique and suggestions to improve my pictures.

Interestingly, I joined in with only expectation to just have fun, and shoot for fun. I didn’t expect photography in itself, had taught me lessons that classrooms don’t teach, personal breakthroughs and getting to know and make many friends within the group. 

I have to add that through shoots, I managed to overcome fears of creepy crawlies (Macro events), due to the fascination of photographing them up close, and only to realize they are harmless unless provoked. It makes me appreciate the little beauty that nature has provided, and new found respect for the environment. Also, new perspectives opened to seeing things in a different manner through the lenses, and helped shape who I am today.

On a last note, shooting with SJS is a fun and enjoyable experience, and in turn, learning more about the vast topics of photography a lesser pain. 🙂


From Wong Renhao via

When photographers meet, all we ever talk about is shutter speed, aperture, ISO, framing, white balance, I really could go on for a few more paragraphs. We debate, argue, and mock each other about less-than-perfect shots, about 5 seconds after uploading a discreetly cropped picture. Week in and week out, we meet up with each other, just to get absorbed right back into our individual worlds of photography, sitting on dirty surfaces, lying down on the pavement, or even getting into the water in the quest for that perfect shot.

Yet in the midst of all this lives a spirit that too often we forget about, but constantly engage in nevertheless. In the midst of Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS in short) the spirit of sharing burns brightly, that true purpose of photography that we may never articulate, but still live and breathe.

The eagerness to share knowledge about the infinite skills of stopping time in its tracks may come as naturally as light and night to you, but it may never have surfaced if not for such a vibrant group, both on and offline.

For that, I have much to thank Allan and Ling.

Guys, I owe it to you both of you and your group for the countless skills I’ve picked up during the weekends. Hope SJS will carry on for a long time and grow to be not just a group, but an influence.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

From Lilian Koh via

I was a loner before, until I met a bunch of wonderful photographers of Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS).  None of my friends are into photography, so I usually ventures on my own looking for interesting subject to shoot and to add to the memory stick.  After a while, I got bored and started playing with Videography instead. 

It’s a God sent that I met a young pleasant sales promoter at a Sony Road Show in September 2010. Although I did not buy anything from him, yet Wee Yang was kind enough to share his knowledge with me. And he suggested to me to find SJS on Facebook. I sent an email to the Founder, Allan Lee and he  accepted my interest to join, and the rest is history.  

My first outing with SJS was the “Macro Walk-Ridout Tea Garden”. I remembered Nicole showing me around the nursery ground. Celes and Sebastian were helpful too. Wow, i felt like i was part of an extended family!

My thanks and appreciation to everyone in SJS,  I’ve learnt a lot from you guys, even though my photos are nowhere compared to yours…yet.  Lol.

Best regards,
Lilian Koh

From Cheng Le Fern via

At Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS) outings, photography is what brings friendship together apart from learning & sharing from each other about the technical & creative aspects of the art/hobby.  

All of us should appreciate the time & selfless efforts which the Founders Allan & Ling have put in to bring a  group of enthusiastic people together for the love of photography. I also appreciate the support of their moderators who help to organize the programs.  Even though I have not attended most of outings, I enjoy looking at the pictures in most of my evenings after each of their outings through FACEBOOK.  The outings bring back old memories plus gave me more ideas for future shoots.

I am looking forward to taking more pictures and improving with them.

From Andy Nguyen via

Hi Allan/Ling
I’m not a Christian, so perhaps Thanksgiving doesn’t mean the same to me, but it’s nice to have a day/season dedicated to giving thanks and being grateful for people and things that came to our lives and enriched our living experience.

Out of nowhere I bumped into photography, and shortly after, I bumped into Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group (SJS) on Facebook, and I’m thankful that those “bumps” occurred in my life 🙂

Though I have not been with SJS for long, I have enjoyed the company and the learning experience a great deal! I find that the elements that set SJS apart from some other groups (that i shall not mention) is  everyone’s genuine love for photography, and in the spirit of willingly sharing of knowledge. These created a warm friendly atmosphere that simply draws people in.

And yet, everyone seems unique with his/her own “expertise” or remarkable passion that makes them shine through as individuals: like Ling and her expressions, Nicole with her hyper-energy, Allan and his inspiring photos, and even people I have not yet met like Uncle Tony or Royston. Oh well I’ve certainly picked up more than a few skills, shot more than a few keepers,  made more than a few friends, learnt more than a few things about people, and about myself and definitely have much fun being with SJS.

For that I’m thankful, to Allan and Ling, the moderators, and everyone whom I’ve met and those I’m going to meet.

Love SJS’s people & photos 🙂

From Jonathan Chua via

Looking back at the photos I took in the past and after I join this ” special group”, I realized that my current photos today looks so much better and different when compared. 

I find that, now I pay more attention to the surroundings, little things and I wanted so much to bring my camera out everyday. I wanted so much to shoot everything I see everyday.

Way back, DSLR cameras is just a technology to shoot a photo, but this “special group” helped me and taught me how to make use of this technology to freeze memories which will be meaningful in time to come. 

Before I met them, I only know how to shoot a photo. This “special group” taught me how to shoot a good photo.

I want to say a big “thank you” to this “special group” and they are Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group
I hope to learn more from this special group of people. 

Jonathan Chua

Once again everyone, Thank You!

Allan & Ling

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