Subjektiv 4-in-1 German Lens Kit

These days when compact cameras (and some DSLRs too) are speced with “art filters” like Fish Eye, Retro Camera, Toy camera, etc and so on, it reflects the trend of today’s photographers. Photogs are basically turning experimental these days and looking through practically almost everything that allows light. And with the recent revival of film cameras & lomography, photographers are really looking for more things to “play” with.

Subjektiv recently launched a 4-in1 lens kit that allows the user to select the “insert” to create the desired effects. Though called “4-in-1”, you get 5 inserts. The 5 inserts are Apeture, Pin Hole, Plastic, Zone Plate & Glass. This kit works purely on bending lights and manipulating the throw to create the special effects.

The Plastic insert will give you a “Out of Focus” (only the centre is sharp) with a mild zoom blur effect, while the Pin Hole insert gives the user a Lo-Fi shot and the  Zone Plate gives a diffused photo effect – very similar to soft focus to get that super dreamy effect and lastly the Glass give super vivid & saturated colors. As for Apeture, it is like your regular manual lenses where you control the depth and bokeh with your hands. (lolz)

If you are thinking along the line of “LensBaby”, nope, they are certainly not the same and they works differently.

Available in Canon & Nikon Mount (as usual) & adaptors for the Sony Alpha, Pentax (both with focus confirmation chip) are available. Package comes with a Pouch, 4 lens inserts, lens & lens cap.

Some quick facts here before you order:
– Works with Canon EOS and Nikon F mount DSLRs and SLRs
– 5 modules included: pinhole, plastic, glass, zone plate, and aperture
– Combine aperture module with plastic and glass modules to stop down exposures
– All lenses have a focal length of 65mm
– Pinhole: f/180, hole diameter 0.255mm, determine exposure time by multiplying the shutter speed at f/22 by 64
– Zone Plate: 51 zones (opaque and transparent bands), f/32
– Plastic: Cast precision acrylic lens, f/5
– Glass lens: Tempered meniscus single-lens, f/5 or f/8 with included distancing ring
– Designed and made in Germany

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