Canon & Nikon – How To Kill Sony

Sony wowed the world again recently with the release of their SLT A-33 & SLT A-55. Sitting in the Alpha DSLR line, these 2 cameras are like no other. Cheap, Light weight, Compact & packed with good specs. Some of you not familiar with Sony Alpha might get a shock when you look at the specs from these 2 hybrids. The Frames Per Second (FPS) itself already fascinates me, the SLT A-33 gets a 7 fps while the turbocharged SLT A-55 gets a whopping 10 fps! Do read up more on these 2 cameras on Sony’s site if you are keen to find out more.

Now, back to the story and over to the Canon & Nikon Camp. Market speculations had suggested that the 2 big boys of DSLR may be up to something up their sleeves having seen Sony’s success on these “hybrid” entry-level cameras. After reading up on many sites and rumour-sites, I gathered some speculated specs for the fun of it and who knows, it might be just what we are going to expect soon.

Line Up –
I reckon Canon’s version will be along the Rebel/Kiss/T/XXXD line while Nikon may have it on a new number system but still along the line of the older DXX series.

Megapixel –
Should be around the range of 15.1-18mp

ISO Sensitivity –
Should be around 80-12,800 if not, expandable to 25,600.

Frames Per Second –
Between 9-12 fps.

Focusing & Metering –
Expect 21 AF Points with 19 virtual points and maybe 64 zone metering. Maybe they will even throw in fast focus detection (think auto face focus) like in-camera panning too. In short, it’s like “Super Al Focus” in Canon’s language.

Customs Functions –
Canon & Nikon are very good at this. Maybe they will throw in 60+ Useless Customs Functions or more! Please bear in mind, if you can adjust the LCD screen brightness – that is considered One Custom Functions – lolz.

Price –
Canon & Nikon are pretty good at this too. Purposely priced and sell it lower than what Sony is offering on a model-to-model basis. Even a SGD$100 lower price point will hit Sony badly. (Knowing “Price-sensitive” & “Brand Concious” Singaporeans.)

I shall stop here. Like many who suggested, Canon & Nikon may just push out a lower spec-ed mini “1D /D3” in a light package (and probably cute), small size & cheap camera out before they loses their biggest market share here(Consumer/ Beginners) to *Sony.

Let’s wait and see what Canon & Nikon will roll out next. They fight, We Watch.
As consumers, we will be the ultimate winner.

*Sony has always pulls off stunts like releasing a few entry-levels models at the same time while the compeition usually releases 1 or 2, but segmented to different categories of users. 

Sony shocked the world last year when they release A230, A330, A380, A550 (Sony claims A5XX series as “mid-range” but it is advanced beginner for those who knew) all at about the same time. Basically all are entry level DSLRs but priced according to specs – more specs, more expensive and at about the same time, Canon had a mid-life EOS500D & a fairly new EOS1000D and Nikon was soldiering on D5000 and pending release of D3000.

2010 saw the release of A290, A390, A33 & A55 at almost the same time again – it is almost like pulling off the same stunt all over again but with more substance this time with the A33 & A55.

For more information on Sony’s DSLR – you may wish to read up here.

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2 Responses to Canon & Nikon – How To Kill Sony

  1. Pudding says:

    Actually, it’s more like Sony and Nikon trying to kill off Canon. Remember, Nikon is Sony’s biggest sensor customer. Nikon and Sony don’t sell in the same market using the same sensor – see the more expensive D90 vs. the A500 (same sensor), or the A900/850 vs. the D3X (same sensor) etc.

    Nikon has nothing to gain by hurting sony. If anything, it’s Canon that should worry – their cameras are woefully under-specced at the price premium they demand. Just compare a 550D to an A55 – no contest, there is no area the 550D can compete in.

  2. Pudding, super agree. Canon is badly under-specced. The 60D itself is a flop. 🙂

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