Live Life in Perfect HD with Samsung WB700

With the Samsung WB700 camera at your side, you are perfectly prepared to capture life’s big and little moments. The new 24mm ultra wide lens and 18x optical zoom ensures that every detail is reproduced with the attention that is deserves. Other features like Dual IS and the enhanced ISO 3200 give your pictures that professional edge. The WB700 camera also utilises a Full Manual control, which simplifies the camera settings and makes swapping between various picture modes a lot easier and faster.

See beyond the horizon
The 24mm Ultra Wide 18x Zoom captures objects in a wider shooting range, so your vision is translated, just as you imagined it. Take photos of distant people and landscapes and the results are right before your eyes. The 24x Smart-Zoom (18x Optical Super-Zoom) renders all the details, sharp and rich. And the 3” TFT LCD screen offers a wider, crystal clear image with improved contrast and true-life colour. You always get the best view possible. The Samsung WB700 fits everything you always wanted into the frame.

Get full control with Full Manual
Full Manual gives you the ability to take complete control and capture the photos exactly as you want them to be. Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings let you experiment with shutter speeds and depth of field, so you can shoot fast-moving images in low light. With Samsung cameras, your creativity counts most.

Say goodbye to shaky shots with Dual IS
Don’t risk ruining that once-in-a-lifetime memory because of a shaking hand or a camera that’s not up to the job. The Dual IS (Image stabiliser) feature automatically adjusts to compensate for even the slightest hand or body movements, resulting in steadier photos.

What’s more, the Dual IS can maximise the stabilising area while minimising shaking so you get crisp shots every time — even while you or the subject is on the move.

High Sensitivity ISO 3200
With a true ISO 3200 setting, your Samsung camera can effectively minimise noise for crystal clear images under low light conditions. Plus, ISO 3200 lets you take perfectly focused photos of fast-moving images, like during a sporting event.

When it comes to brightness, it’s brilliant : 3″ Intelligent LCD
Its 3″ Intelligent LCD provides improved contrast and colour reproduction, which allows you to enjoy a wider and clearer image. And its Intelligent LCD brightness automatically detects environmental illumination and adjusts the LCD brightness for optimal image viewing. It does the thinking for you, which makes the WB700 a smart choice.

Make your own movies
You get 720p HD quality video at 30 frames per second and recording time 4x longer than MJPEG video. SoundAlive, with special zoom noise reduction technology, gives you crystal-clear, vibrant sound recordings.

Shoot like a pro with Smart Auto 2.0

Smart Auto 2.0 (still and movie) analyses key elements in the composition and automatically adjusts its 16 photo modes and 4 movie modes to capture the best shot.

Built in HDMI Type D with Anynet+
Just one HDMI code is all it takes to connect your WB700 directly into your TV, computer or DVD player. With the WB700, making professional quality videos is just as easy as sharing them.

Smart Filter 2.0
Samsung camera’s Smart Filter lens and colour options make special moods easy for still shots and videos. Tilt & Shift Lens Effect adds a miniaturised look and the Vignetting Effect makes striking compositional contrasts. New special effects include Soft Focus to add an emotional feel, Half-Tone Dot to soften skin tones and Old-Film Effect to set up a retro mood or frame. colour Palette for movies, adds an ultra-vivid vibe. It’s now a snap to get creative.

Image Sensor

  • Image sensor (effective pixel): approx. 14.2 megapixel


    • Exposure ISO Equivalent: Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200

    Physical Specification

  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 40°C
  • Operating Humidity: 5 – 85

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