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eBay sellers knows that eBay charges a fee whenever you sold something via email. And depending which eBay (country specific) site you are selling on, you will get charged in a way or another for selling. eBay buyers on the other end understands the risk of fake sellers, lost parcels after paying for your purchases. Why put yourself through such risks?

Some of you may also sell on ClubSnap – but met with tons of childish lowballers asking for impossible discounts. Or worse, you bought something through ClubSnap and the item became faulty after a few days and the seller is uncontactable after which.

Well, here’s another way, sell through this blog. (Limited to Singapore Sellers ONLY). This blog is view by 500-800+ viewers on a daily basis and if that someone finds his/her way here, likely the person is 90% a photographer. You may continue to sell elsewhere as you wish, what I am offering here is an additional channel that you may wish to trade your gears with others.

This is how it works. To sell something, you have to email the below to me.

Name of Item: (Example Canon EF14mm F2.8L USM)
Type: (Example DSLR Lens)
Condition: 1 being bad to 10 being Mint.
Warrranty: Yes/No.
Other: (Example Box, Hood, Instructions,etc)
Your asking price: (Example: SGD $2400.00 – not negotiable)
Your Email: (Your email is required as interested buyers will email you directly*)
*If a lowballer emails you, just block the bugger. :)~
Note: Please Include 1 or 2 photo of your item.

So is this free? Well, I pay my bills through photography and I will appreciate a Donation of SGD $1.00 through PayPal or Direct Internet Banking Transfer.

Ready to go?

Email to today!


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  1. Senthil says:

    This is great option

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