Travel Photography – A Pink Journey

Travel in style on your next Photography trip!

Photography need not be boring although almost everything relating to your gear comes in black color.

I am departing for Thailand in 4 days for the 46th time and I have always travel to Thailand with different gears – every time.
This time, I rounded up a list of items that I am gearing up and might be of interest to you. Everything in Pink.

Camera: Pentax K-R Pink.

Pentax is famed for their bright and cheerful offerings for the K-2000/K-X/K-R range of DSLRs.
Light weight, compact and packed with semi-pro functions, all in a colorful shade of pink (and other colors),
This is the camera to bring to match your clothes and match the number 1 favourite color of the land of smiles.
Available on:

Lens: Pentax DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6mm Kit Lens (Pink)

The matching colored Pentax kit lens that came with the body. At 18-55mm, it has the equivalent
focal range of 27mm to 82mm (in 35mm format.) which cover the essential wide angel for landscape & scenary to
the portrait range of 80mm best for street photography.
Available at:

Flash: Holga 15B (Pink)

The Holga Flash is essentially a repainted Vivitar 150 Flash. Made for Film Rangefinders in the 1980s,
these units are obsolete as newer flash equipped with TTL functions replaces old manual ones. Holga
repainted these Vivitars to match the colorful range of Holga film toy cameras and well guys, it works
on DSLRs too. (Except Sony Alpha)
Available at:

Camera Bag: Golla ESTYLE (Pink)

With a Pink DSLR, Pink Lens & Pink Flash, a Pink Camera Bag completes the package.
The Golla ESTYLE comes in various colors and obviously I picked the pink one over here.
Featuring a 2 slot compartment, this bag is cool for 01 x camera with lens +01 lens + 01 flash.
Available at:

A Lens Pouch: Keva Pink

This is actually a small camera bag for smaller compacts and digital cameras.
A quick peek inside reveals that this bag is suitable to double up as a lens pouch or an
accessories pouch to pair up the main camera bag. Since it’s pink, I pick it for both its
color & usefulness.
Available at:

Batteries: Sanyo Eneloop (Baby Pink) & XXX Brand (Hot pink)
Now rechargeable batteries comes in various shades of pinks too.
Here we have a Sanyo Eneloop pack in Baby Pink and a “X” Brand in Hot Pink.
Always bring extra power especially during travel. Remember to pack your charger though.
Available at (for sanyo)

Camera Strap: GOTO (Pink)

Goto produces tons of retro-style camera straps and accessories.
This leather strap is recently released in a mean hot pink. Well, it’s just perfect for
the pink camera & lens. Don’t you think so?
Available at

Camera Gear: Triopo Carbon Fibre Travel Tripo (Pink)

Travelling light is common sense. Having a tripod that is tough, light and attractive
is a hard combination, but Triopo has the answer. A full carbon fibre tripod that
is reversed-folded for a smaller profile, super light and it comes in various shades
of metallic colors! It can converted into a monopod, a walking stick, and a low to
ground tripod in seconds. It is obvious I’ve gotten the Pink version here!
Available at

Outdoor Gear: Pink Disney Umbrella 
Since Thailand is either raining or sunny, it helps to have mobile shelter in the form of an umbrella
inside your camera bag. Just to complete the Pink Mission, I picked the Disney “Minnie” version, in
pink of course.
Available at:

Outdoor Gear: Iconic Wet Bag (Pink)

Acting as a spare bag for the extra shopping or simply a bag that carries all your wet gear, this is an
unfold-when-needed bag that is useful and practical. When not in use, it can be easily tucked away
without compromising space in your luggage. You can even tug this inside your camera bag too!
Available at: (previously known as GMarket)

Outdoor Gear: KOR Aura Water Bottle (Pink)

Water may not be available everywhere, anywhere, especially during travel and transiting
from provinces to provinces. So it is sensible to have drinking water with you wherever
you go. Now drink in style, in pink.
Available at

Outdoor Gear: OFF Insect Repellent (Pink Top)

Travelling to Thailand, one can expect to find as many mosquitoes as you can find Taxis.
Bring along insect repellent spray like OFF will be a smart move. Be it in the city or out
in the rural province, this is insurance against many insects and the dreaded dengue fever.
Available at: (or your friendly MaMak Shop)

Outdoor Gear: Foldable Fan (Pink)

Camera bags are as great when you have a foldable fan in it. In the super hot & humid climate of
Thailand,  a fan is very useful for instant gratification when You need a whiff of breeze, to cool off and
only possible when you have a foldable fan like this. I have it in Peranakan style, in Pink. 🙂
Available at: Jonker Street, Malacca, Malaysia.

Outdoor Gear: iPhone Cover (Pink)

A Metal iPhone Cover in metallic Pink brings protection to your dearest apple in a stylish
pink and yet tough enough to withstand knocks from hawkers & taxi drivers who tries to
elbow you into their taxis. Need say more?
Available at

Travel Gear: iPhone Charging & Date Cable (Pink)

OK,  this is insane as it gets. A hot pink iphone charging charging cable, to match the rest of the pink gear
as above. Well, this is not just a pink decor, it works like the white version that charges your iPhones and
transfers datas, just that it is Pink.

Travel Gear: Pink Hard Case Luggage Bag (X Brand)

Get one that is hard, study, expandable and can allows you to place your tripod inside for
airport check-ins. This one that I gotten allows 2 stage expansion and the size is just right
for my travel tripod with lots of spaces for personal effects and belongings.
Available at: Boon Lay Shopping Centre or Mustafa.

So am I ready for my 46th visit to Thailand? I think I am. 🙂

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