First Customized Pentax Q10 Owner in Singapore!

27th April 2013, Singapore – Imagine you are the first person in a country to own something really exclusive. In this case, a camera. Magdalene Teo-Yong became the 1st person* in Singapore to own a customized Pentax Q10 today.
*Source –  Singapore Pentax Distributor APD Singapore. A couple of months ago when this site announced the customized options for the Pentax Q10 in 100 colors, Magdalene responded to the article and customized her Q10 using the color stimulator and eventually made her order.

Picture: The 1st Customized Pentax Q10 Owner Magdalene with her kit.
Photo by: Allan LEE | Ricoh GRIV

She ordered a “vintage-link” Q10 in Silver with Brown Grip. Uber retro.
According to the privileged few who saw her camera when the shipment came in, everyone
commented that she got taste. So how does her Q10 looks like?

Picture: The 1st Customized Pentax Q10 in Singapore.
Photo by: Allan LEE | Ricoh GRIV

I must admit that her chosen color combination indeed spells vintage & class. Good choice.
Since the battery is charged and we have time to burn, Magdalene decided to take a walk and try
out the camera and to explore its functions. And later to grant me an interview about her views
on the Pentax Q10.


Picture: Magdalene trying out her Customized Pentax Q10.

Photo by: Allan LEE | Ricoh GRIV

Picture: Magdalene trying out her Customized Pentax Q10.
Photo by: Allan LEE | Ricoh GRIV

Editor: We heard you gave up a whole set of Nikon V1 to switch to Pentax Q10. That is a big switch given
that you had the whole set of lenses and accessories. Why is this so?

Magdalene: First and foremost, I like the idea of customization. To be able to own a camera that truly reflect
one’s personality and style. Further to that, compared to the Nikon V1, the Pentax Q10 is much more portable &
compact. Carrying around is also a breeze.

Editor: So which area of photography do you like most?

Magdalene: I am into travel. And travel photography is like an all-in-one. Usually during travel, I will
shoot food, landscape, street photography etc.  So a compact interchangeable lens camera like the Q10
fits the bill perfectly.

Editor: You had tried the Q10 earlier, tell me why you like it?

Magdalene: I am overwhelmed by the available options in the Q10. The art filters, the in-camera processing and this
actually saves me lots of time doing back-end processing.  In addition, the art filters are similar to many smart phone apps that allows lots of creative functions. With Q10, I can have the best of both worlds – lots of creative options + quality photos from a real camera. And earlier when I used the Q10, the focusing is very fast – much faster than my Nikon V1.

Editor: What other positive aspects of the Pentax Q10 that you would like to share with our readers?

Magdalene: I like the feel and handling of the Pentax Q10. The camera ergonomics are well designed – totally perfect
for a lady as most ladies’ hands are smaller as compared to a man. Of course, the built quality of the Pentax Q10 far surpassed the competition for cameras around the same price range.

Editor: Will you recommend the Pentax Q10 to your friends and other photography enthusiasts?

Magdalene: Definitely!

Editor: Thank you for your time!

Picture: Magdalene totally happy with her Customized Pentax Q10.
Photo by: Allan LEE | Ricoh GRIV

Magdalene did some test shots today and she is kind to share with the readers here. Enjoy the photos
shot by Magdalene using the Pentax Q10.

IMGP0079 IMGP0086 IMGP0088

Next photo is shot with the intention to be “miniaturized”.

After in-camera applying of the “Miniature” mode. The result is below.


Colors are vibrant and contrasty.

IMGP0108 IMGP0119 IMGP0124 IMGP0150

Excellent photos by Magdalene with her Pentax Q10.
Find out more from your photography dealers soon!

Thank you Magdalene for granting me the interview!

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  1. Great write up Allan! Thanks for giving me the honor to own the 1st customised Pentax in Singapore 🙂 Had a great walk around with the Q10 & will definitely be bringing it around with me from nowonwards.

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