Sigma Contemporary Zooms – Twin Reviews

Sigma Contemporary Zooms –  Twin Reviews
– Featuring Tan Hui Hui & Alyssa Chan
Photo: The Contemporary Gang. L-R: Tan Hui Hui (Reviewer), Trisha Lim (BTS Photographer), AL (Editor) & Alyssa Chan (Reviewer)

19th August 2014, Singapore – My past reviews on the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM (C) & the Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM (C) had reached more than 12,000 viewers over 19 countries. A single reader then emailed me and requested that I do up something more engaging, something different and I should try getting more non-professional photographers to use these lenses so that readers can be convinced that the photos from my above reviews are presented realistically & correctly. To make things more complicated, this reader even asked me why most of the equipment reviews are always done by male photographers.

Since I had reviewed these 2 lenses before, I’ve decided to round up a pair of “non-professional” photographers (as requested by the readers) and roped in a BTS (behind-the-scene) photographer for an afternoon. And to silence her, I’ve gathered 3 female photographers with me for the afternoon. (Melanie, yes, I am talking about you).

Photo: Huihui (left) with Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM (C) & Alyssa (right) with Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM (C)

Photo: The gals happily unboxing their lenses and mounting to their cameras.

Photo: All Mounted and ready to go!

Photo: And off we went with the 2 Sigma lenses.

If you want to read more technical stuff about these 2 lenses, please click Sigma 17-70mm (C) or Sigma 18-200mm (C). I am seriously more interested to show the readers what kind of photos can the lenses produce. Commentaries on the lenses by the ladies will be after the jump.

Alyssa Chan’s Photos from the Sigma 18-200mm (C).IMG_4324 IMG_4283 IMG_4296 IMG_4300 IMG_4306 IMG_4316 IMG_4320

Next Up will be Tan Huihui’s photos from the Sigma 17-70mm (C).
IMG_5482 IMG_5443 IMG_5444 IMG_5465 IMG_5476 IMG_5478

Alright, I am sure you were impressed with their photos right? Let’s hear from the ladies about what they think of the Sigma (C) lenses that they had used on this little walk.

Alyssa Chan on Sigma 18-200mm (C).
“This all-rounder lens is capable of doing almost everything. From the standard wide-angle to a telephoto focal range, this lens is best used for street photography, travel photography etc. The close minimum focusing distance is impressive as I was able to do “near macro” type of photos due to its magnification ratio. I had read AL’s review before today’s walkabout and everything that he had reported in his review are true to his every word. This is indeed the all-rounder lens to get if you only can bring 01 lens or if you are traveling to places where changing lens is not possible. I will highly recommend this lens for ladies in particular because it is lightweight, compact in size, good focal range, produces sharp and crisp images.” – Alyssa Chan.

Tan Huihui on Sigma 17-70mm (C).
“I had heard of this lens from the Editor AL before today’s hands-on review, I even read his review prior to today. This is a fast focusing lens that has a wide aperture of F2.8 & gradual to a wide F4. A very useable lens in low light and the OS allows me to shoot in much slower shutter speed without risking shooting blur images. The HSM focusing motor is fast and quiet, it really feels like one of those expensive L-lenses from Canon. The 17mm, just 01mm short of the standard 18mm makes a lot of difference. AL pointed out that the difference is 6-8 steps backwards of you are using a 18mm and he show me during the walkabout. This lens zooms to a medium tele range of 70mm which is perfect for street photography or travel and it is also a great portrait lens. Just imagine shooting at 70mm at F4.0 just metres away from your subject. I am totally sold on this lens. Read AL’s review if you wish to know more!” – Tan Huihui.

OK everyone (and you Melanie), you’ve heard the ladies and their first hand account of the Sigma lenses. If you are interested to buy these great Sigma lenses, please visit here.

Meanwhile, our BTS Photographer Trisha Lim had caught us in action and here are some of the shots that I would like to share with you.

Behind-the-Scenes by Trisha Lim.
Photo: Editor AL helping Huihui to figure out the lens control buttons.

Photo: Alyssa hard at work.

Photo: Both Reviewers caught within a frame.

Photo: Editor AL looking out for vehicles while Alyssa shoot from the centre of the road..

Photo: Huihui standing right outside the entrance of Pandora?

Photo: Alyssa trying to capture details.

Photo: Editor AL giving shooting tips to both reviewers.

Photo: Shooting under the hot sun, gear review is not easy at all.


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** Sigma had re-organized their whole lens line into 3 category.
They are “C” Lens, “A” Lens & “S” Lens.

C Lens = Contemporary Lens Line
Featuring the very latest technology, and combining optical performance with compactness, Sigma’s high-performance Contemporary line covers a wide range of needs. Lenses in this category are Standard zoom lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, high-magnification zoom lenses.

A Lens = Art Lens Line
Designed with a focus on sophisticated optical performance and abundant expressive power, Sigma’s Art line delivers high-level artistic expression. Lenses in this category are Large-aperture prime lenses, wide-angle lenses, ultra-wide-angle lenses, macro lenses, fisheye lenses.

S Lens – Sports Lens Line
While offering sophisticated optical performance and expressiveness, Sigma Sports line lenses deliver high action-capture performance, enabling photographers to get exactly the shots they want. Lenses in this category are Telephoto lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, super telephoto lenses, super telephoto zoom lenses.

Sigma Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sigma Japan Corporation.

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