Magical Guilin – China 8 nights / 6 days photography trip


Guilin and its surroundings have many scenic locations, ancient towns, beautiful landscapes and interesting activities.

Huang Yao – an ancient town was built in 927 B.C. It has famous mountains with caves, pavilions, temples, ancestor hills, old trees and tablets. Every corner of the town presents a typically Chinese scene and presents a marvelous photo opportunity.


The Longji terraces area is famous for the excessively large number of terraced rice paddy fields on its mountain, which have created an intricate pattern on the hillsides.


Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers.

This outing will give photographers abundant subjects to practice the various skill of photography which could not be found in Singapore.

We also have included two photography sessions in the evening, where the expert can teach photographers on the finer scopes of photography and review the photographs taken in the days. So that they can improve and take better photos in the second half of the trip.


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