Apology to ClubSnap

In my earlier angered post about my thread being deleted by Clubsnap, I would like to clarify that my anger was directed at the person who reported my thread to the moderators who acted on the report and deleted my thread. The moderator (Albert Lim) had since explained to me that he is acting on the reported thread in line with the forum’s policies at http://www.clubsnap.com which I had also explained that I am not a regular seller thus not familiar with the rules.

As requested, I had removed the earlier article and removed from all shared channels.

I hereby, sincerely apologize to the moderating community of http://www.clubsnap.com and in particular, Mr. Albert Lim
who had been helpful and patience in explaining the policies and helping me to understand.


Allan LEE


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  1. Albert Lim says:

    Thank you for your apology.

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