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Quick Introduction
P & G Photographic Centre is not new to many professional photographers in Singapore. After all, they have been in the photography business for over 30 years now. Trust me, 30 years is a long time in the photography industry. Managed by the Phan Brothers (Andrew Phan & David Phan), the friendly duo are famous with their craft. Their skills & expertise are well-known across the industry & well-respected by both veteran photographers to beginners.

Advice is Free, Honesty is priceless
Although most camera repair shops offers free advices & checking, how many are honest advices?
P&G is reputated to be one of the best used camera shops in Singapore to get real world advice on photography equipments.
I am sure many of you who had visited P&G before can relate to that. One thing I personally like about P&G is that they do not beat around the bush just to inform you that your camera is going off to meet its maker soon, or the fact that your terminally-ill lens has only 3 more shoots to permanent retirement. What they saw or discovered from checking your equipment, they will tell you directly while offering the best available options at the same time. Unlike other shops that will try to pressure you into selling your “dying” gears to them or repairing at a cut throat price, P&G will offer you options and then leave it to you to decide. Such honesty is priceless and very much commendable by today’s business standard.

Picture: (Left) P & G at The Adelphi and (Right) P & G at Peninsula Shopping Centre

One Stop Solution Centre
In today’s fast-paced society, convenience is an important factor when it comes to photography – especially for those that makes a living out of clicking shutters. Every visit to P&G always have me smiling without fail. For the simple reason that every time I walked in with a problem, I walked out having the problem solved or at other times, I simply left my “problems” behind only to return when P&G had solved it – professionally. You see, P&G is indeed a one-stop solution centre as I called it. From repairing cameras & lenses, they also buy in used equipments, sells a great comprehensive lot of inventory ranging from vintage cameras/lenses to the latest models in the market. And that’s not all, amongst those equipments on display, there are many rare & limited editions items that many of us dreamt of owning them one day. In short, there’s something for everybody!

Expertise, Experience & Engineering
Ask P&G how many cameras or lenses have they dismantled in the last 30 years, likely they will smile at you and their minds wanders into lala-land. Their experience in camera equipment repairs can easily make it into any book of records for the highest number of cameras/lenses (of many brands) – dismantled & repaired. While many photographers out there will take this 3 decade-long experience for granted – citing that this is a norm for camera repair shops, I would like to clarify and add that – yes, this may be a norm, but how many actually does a good job too?
All the vintage cameras that I had sent in, all came out of P&G in tip top condition and became fully operational after that. To sweeten the deal, P&G even offers warranty for the repaired item and that gave me (and many others) an added confidence and a peace of mind.

Best of all, P&G also does an excellent job in modifying cameras & lenses! Using their knowledge on camera engineering, they also offer modification services for your equipment to serve your shooting needs and working requirements. Now, pause a second and think, who else does this in Singapore? No one except P&G!

Beyond Business
It’s just like friends meeting up every time I visits P&G. The Phan brothers are also widely known by the industry for their friendliness and hospitality. I enjoy chatting with them on every visit. They are two of the very few humble people in the photography industry who are willing to share their experience with beginners, share industry updates to the regular customers, simply helpful and just being themselves. Talking to them makes me feel that as if I had known them forever (although I’d only started visiting P&G in 2010).

As I write, I am already looking forward to my next visit to P&G. You should check them out too.

About P & G Photographic Centre
A trusted one-stop photography store – trusted by professional photographers – with over
30 years of experience that provides free & non-obligational checking & quotation for all
photography equipments. P&G provides a wide range of services from Repair, Trade-In,
Sell, Buy & Modifying of any camera equipments.

P & G Photographic Centre is located at:

The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street,
#B1-04, The Adelphi,
Singapore 179803

Tel: (65)68370696
Fax: (65)68370697
Email : pgcameras@gmail.com

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Sat from 11.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
We close on Sunday & public holidays only


Peninsula Shopping Centre
No. 3 Coleman Street,
#01-19, Peninsula Shopping Centre,
Singapore 179804

Tel: (65)63380833
Fax: (65)63382142
Email : andrew.pgcameras@gmail.com

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Sat from 1.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
We close on Sunday & public holidays only.


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14 Responses to P & G Photographic Centre – Service with a Personal Touch

  1. soothoo says:

    Hi Allan

    On your recommendation I brought my Nissin flash to P & G, Within seconds, David was able to trouble shoot the trouble and had my flash started. Best of all, it’s FOC. Thanks for your recommendation.

    June 16’13

  2. Raihan says:


    My name is Raihan and I would like to enquire about changing of my Nikon D700 shutter. Currently my shutter is almost at 100k. Can you advice me how much does it cost to change it?

    Recently I have already service my camera at Nikon Servuce Centre. Please advice me.


  3. ADAM YOE says:


    My name is ADAM and I would like to enquirer about Buy used Camera 5D mark III how much will be.Please advice me.


  4. John says:

    Hi! I’m john,

    I’m thinking of trading in my nikkor 85mm f1.8g and 50mm f1.8g and add cash for a nikkor 24-120 F4 G. Will you accept? if so, how much do I need to add? thanks!

  5. limtingyang says:

    Hi would like to ask if its possible to trade in a canon 7d + cash for a 5d mark 3?

  6. Allan says:

    Hi. My d800 has a back focusing issue. I need to fine tune up to -20to get a sharp image for all my nikon Lense. Sometimes, -20 is not even enough . This has been troubling me for a while. Is there any solution to this problem? Pls advise.

  7. Michael says:

    Hi. How much is an used Nikon D610?

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