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Picture: The Photography Khaki (Group)

28th June 2013, Singapore – This is the last feature of the Photography Group Series. We hope you had enjoyed our 3 earlier articles on this series. To close the series, we have the Photography Khaki (Group)!

Photography Khaki Group is one group that aims to provide a platform for photographers at all levels, to display their works to share/learn/contribute and above all, to progress together in the art of photography. The group was founded by Alex and Anthony Lim, both competent photographers in their own rights.

Picture: “Ya-ta!” Photo by Alex Lim

Picture: “Beauty amongst the lines” Photo by Alex Lim

Photography Khaki was setup with the goal of bringing people together, be it photographers, models, makeup artistes or even people who have not even picked up the hobby! The group wants a platform where everyone can freely share their services and learn from each other in a family-oriented style where there are no discrimination, no sarcasm and just pure love for the art of photography!

Picture: “Little red dot among the green” Photo by Catherine Guan

Picture: “Sunshine; Freedom; A Little Flower; The Essence of Life” Photo by Catherine Guan

Photography Khaki excels in many areas of photography. Looking at the group’s FB page, there are so many different photos from different genres being posted each day – from macro photos, to landscape photos, to food photography & many others. And from the posted photos, the quality and standard of every photos shared are excellent!

Picture: “Desaru Sunrise” Photo by Anthony Lim

Picture: “Garden by the Bay” Photo by Anthony Lim

The group had made significant impact to the members in many ways. With a group, members have a place where they can chat with the others members, post questions and read about tips and tricks that have been posted by other members – more of a community sharing. It does not end there, members have a platform where they can showcase their photos and receive critiques from other members, and from there, everyone improves along the way and strive (together) for greater heights in photography.

Picture: “”Hello Kitty wonderland” Photo by Ada Xian Zhang

Picture: “Shush~~ My baby is sleeping…” Photo by Ada Xian Zhang

An Interview with the Founders of Photography Khaki Group

Ed: How does photography inspires the founders?

PK: Photography is an art form that inspires me to no end especially when I manage to capture that special moment and preserve that in history.

Ed: How does managing a photo group feels? Any ups & downs?

PK: Managing any groups is never easy, you will definitely encounter both ups and downs. But at the end of the day, when you see your group grow, when you see everyone working together to achieve a common dream, that, no matter how tough or how bad it was, it’s worth every while!

Sentosa - Unyielding
Picture: “Sentosa – Unyielding” Photo by Vinz Eymard

Marina Bay - Slit
Picture: “Marina Bay – Slit” Photo by Vinz Eymard

Ed: How frequently does the group meet up and is there other activity that had
been organized that is non-photography related? Like social events?

PK: We try to organize frequent meet ups between members in the form of outings, gatherings and photo shoots. While most of the events organized have been photography related. We still manage to bond rather well and from there grow further as a group. We will definitely want to organize social events and outings such as KTV sessions, makan sessions and such, so keep a look out for our event invite!

Ed: In your view, what is the most important element in photography?

PK: Light light light! This cannot be emphasized enough. Photography is all about capturing your subjects with light. Learn about the different natural lightings available. Mornings and early evenings are called the golden hours for photographers because the light provided by Mother Nature is perfect for capturing photos. Noon time typically provides very harsh lightings which will cause your photos to overexpose.

Ed: In the diversified and sometimes complicated circle of photography, have you met good people as well as bad people?

PK: There are all sorts of people in this complicated and more often than not, competitive environment. While good people are those who typically manage to share a bond with us and learn and grow together, people who have shown forms of bad attitude have been separated. I believe that we are here to learn from each other. No one deserves to be looked down on, nor be the target of cyber bullying.

Ed: Please describe the relationship among you & your photography members in 01 sentence.

PK: A group of passionate photographers aiming to grow together as one

Ed: Is there any Allied photography group that your group associates with?
Any rival groups?

PK: We firmly believe that making friends is more worthwhile than making enemies or rivals. Should anyone feel that we are a threat, we would gladly distance ourselves away from whoever uncomfortable with us! We want to be known as a gracious photographic society and we will work hard to ensure that this is realized!

Ed: Is there a person/ group that inspires your group?

PK: None in particular, but the group will appreciate anyone that can help each other without reservations and will inspires us, and teaches us. We believe that no matter what we do, we are here to learn.

Ed: What visions & dreams do you have for your photo group?
PK: We hope that one day, all photographic groups will come together as one, as friends and share what we have in common & even differences with each other!

Ed: Thank you Photography Khaki for the wonderful and insightful sharing!

Here’s a quick intro to the people behind Photography Khaki
Photo: Alex Lim

Started photography in 2007 to help his brother (Anthony Lim), to take his wedding photos using the Canon S5IS.
Since then, Alex had ventured into portraitures, events, flower shots, family shoots, and travel photography and others!

Self taught, Alex bought his first DSLR, a Canon 5DMKIII and at the same time, started his photography Facebook page called Pimodi (Picture-Modifier) and also Photography Khaki Facebook Group to know more friends who share the passion of photography. Formed for about 6 months, Photography Khaki Facebook Group has grown from a few members to the current numbers of almost 1500 members. Alex hope that the group will continue to grow larger so that the group can have a larger member base and everyone can share, contribute and learn from each other.

Photo: Anthony Lim

Anthony first stepped into photography about one and a half years ago, influenced by a group of Nikon users. Landscape photography has always been his interest and he have spent countless hours shooting and learning the steps of post processing and perfecting his landscape photos.. Throughout his photographic journey, Anthony has learned and improved with the help of the group members and he hope to continuously improve and produce photos of different perspective of the place he calls home!

Photo: Catherine Guan

She started photography a few years back. Catherine calls photography “the stage” whereby she can share how photography allows her to capture every aspect of her learning journey in photography. Every photos shot by her simply reminds her of every minute scenes, small moments and experiences that people might have forgotten. Her favorite quote, “Life without photos is like a man without an identity.”

Photography Khaki group is a group of friendly and passionate photographers that has a mission to create an open platform for photographers at all levels, to display their works to share/learn/contribute and above all, to progress together in the art of photography.

Photography Khaki group can be contacted as below:
a) Group Website: http://forum.photographykhaki.com
b) Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/photographykhaki/
c) Contact Person: Alex Lim
d) Contact Person Email: photographykhaki@gmail.com

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