Urban Moments – Photography Symposium

Keen to explore further into photography tips and tricks? Join us at our inaugural Photography Symposium 2013!
You can look forward to a series of presentations by our keynote speakers, as well as thematic breakout groups to hone up your skills!


Talk/Workshop Topic


An Insight to Street Photography

Mr. Thomas Tham

Travel Photography with Compact Camera

Mr. Hui Man Yan

Simple Steps to Event Photography

Mr. Alvinn Lim

Photography from the Eyes of a Professional

Mr. Allan Lee

The Power of Smart Phone Photography

Mr. Thomas Tham

Travel Light! Take Better Picture with Your Compact Camera

Mr. Hui Man Yan

Basic Landscape Photography

Mr. Edward Tian

Basic Macro Photography

Mr. Allan Lee

Creative Flashlight Photography

Mr. Goh Kim Hui

Digital Touch Up

Mr. Richard Seah

Basic Portrait Photography

Mr. Alvinn Lim

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Allan Lee, Accredited Instructor.

A Commercial Photographer & P.A. Certified Trainer for Photography resulting from his Work Combination of Outdoor Media, Advertising Media, Photojournalist, Web Editor, Writer/ Contributor to Media Trade Magazines & Travel Publications. His work is regularly published by newspapers, magazines & online by various media.

Allan’s reviews, photos & articles relating to Camera & Lenses have received attention & fine accolades from camera brands. Allan does a variety of photography work, from weddings to products for advertisement use, but prefers macro & infrared landscape photography when he is on leisure mode. Allan conducts photography classes on Macro, Studio Lights, Product Photography & Gear Maintenance regularly at various schools but prefers to call PSS “Home”.

Alvinn Lim, Accredited Instructor.

Alvinn Lim developed an interest in photography at a very young age. Starting with a simple manual 35mm SLR camera and a book on basic photography, he self-taught the basic techniques of photography through exploration and pure passion 20 years ago.

After completing his national service, Alvinn entered the workforce as a full-time photographer. Having 16 years of photography experiences with several renowned companies specializing in different aspects of photography; Alvinn is well-established in this field. With his experience and expertise and his firm belief in having more room for creativity, he eventually started his own photography business “EYERED WORKS”.

Alvinn Lim does mainly commercial, advertising and editorial work, which could be found in many leading publications.

Goh Kim Hui, Accredited Instructor.

Goh Kim Hui is a professional photographer specializes in Commercial Photography.

With more than 30 years of experience, he has received recognition from various international bodies. In year 2000, he received the Honorary Excellent Distinction from the International Federation of Photographic Art for his outstanding contributions in Photography.

His first solo exhibition “Sky is not a Limit” was held in year 2000 at Selegie Arts Centre, describing the 5 elements in the nature with the “Yin and Yang” philosophy. Some of his works were collected by overseas museum and private collectors.

His works were exhibited and published in local and overseas media, many works had won awards in local and international competitions.

Hui Man Yan, Accredited Instructor.

Though more than qualified to turn professional years ago, Hui has chosen to remain in the amateur. His reason is that he gets greater satisfactions shooting subjects whom he likes rather than subjects which the client wants if he has to shoot for a living. And he claims that he is still “learning”, so he cannot consider professional. “I don’t want to be restricted by commercial considerations.”

He believes to take a good picture, the camera is a helping tool, the man behind the camera is important. A photographer must learn all the time, and change his style in small ways from time to time, or his craft will stagnate.

Not one to keep his trade secrets to himself, Hui immerses himself in educating the young minds of Singapore in photography. These days, Hui passes on his skills and knowledge to others and promotes photography as a hobby in club and school by giving talks and teaching. He has been teaching his popular Advanced Travel Photography course and An Eye for Creativity course at The Photographic Society of Singapore since 1998.

Richard Seah, Accredited Instructor.

Richard pursued photography since the mid-1970s, a major milestone came in November 2007 when he finally bought a digital camera, a Fujifilm S5 Pro that he still uses today.

Richard’s signature style is “uptight” – short for “close-up / tight-cropping.”

He shoots predominantly with an 80-400 zoom lens (previously 75-300), but is equally comfortable with wide, super-wide and fisheye lenses.

Richard is known for his unconventional choice of subjects. The most unusual subject is hands and Richard has self-published a book titled Photographs of Hands. He has since shifted focus to the legs. In 2006, Richard was featured in Asian Photography magazine in an article headlined, Spiritual photographer – a reference to another of his focus areas, prayer.

He has also done a lot of night, low light and stage photography. He is a regular shooter at The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Concourse and has self-published a book titled Song and Dance – Portraits from the Esplanade.

Richard’s images tend towards abstraction and his compositions have been described as “daring” – as he is not one who is afraid of breaking rules.

His current explorations include multiple exposures and blurs, as well as ultra-high key, almost pure white, imagery – achieved in camera and with processing software.

Thomas Tham Joo Kit, Accredited Instructor.

As a humanitarian, photographer and a teacher in photography, Thomas aims to bring about awareness and social responsibility in his photography works and present to the world. He believes that each of us can do our part in making this world a better place.

Photography is a medium for Thomas to capture the moment of thoughts, action, emotional states and spiritual states of the subjects. Soulfulness is what Thomas looking for in each photo captured, whether it is reportage or for the purpose of art, he let the subjects’ ‘talk’ about their experience, concerns and freely expressing their emotional states. It is said that the eyes are the windows of our souls. And in the eyes of Thomas’, the truth is starkly revealed.

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