SJS Giveaway II: Digital vs Film


18th August 2013, Singapore – We are back with Part 2 of our Giveaway! Before we start, we would like to Congratulate our Winners for the last Giveaway Miss Dyan, Miss Kim & Mr. Ramesh for their winning submissions! For the next Giveaway, we are giving another 3 cameras away! As mentioned in our earlier article, these are Brand New Old Analog Cameras which most of them are already Collectors’ Items now! This is Your Chance to own one of the above Legends now!

How to Win?
1) Write a short passage titled “What Sets Film Apart from Digital?” in 100 Words.
2) Email your passage to with the subject/ Title “SJS Film Cam Giveaway II
3) Send in your entries by 23rd August 2013 Midnight!
4) Winning Articles will be Published!

It’s that simple and please feel free to share your views!
Looking forward to receive your submission & Good Luck Everyone!


Special Thanks to our Sponsor & Accredited Merchant P&G Photographic Centre!

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