Ourshutterjourney.com Appreciation Giveaway Winners Announced!

17th August 2013, Singapore – Our Appreciation Giveaway is probably our best way to remind ourselves why ourshutterjourney.com was started in the first place. Started as a meeting place for photographers from all walks of life, the group had since bloomed into a full service portal serving photographers from every level, locally & internationally as a resource site, a buying guide, a layman review site, a news site for photography related news and much more. Supported by a comprehensive group of photographic dealers and camera brands, we hope to add value to you – as our reader, our member, our follower, our subscriber or our supporter – we will always be there for you!

Impacting people’s lives through photography is something which we are pretty proud of – at least to us, that is our little “recognition” that our effort had not gone to waste. Even if it is just one last person that still sticks with us, we will go on, and go on. For the 1st Giveaway, we had asked Everyone how ourshutterjourney.com had impacted their photography journey. At the tick of midnight (17th August 2013, 00.00hrs) we have a total of 43 entries, each sharing about their photography journey. Trust me, it is tough to choose the best one so I have decided to give 3 Cameras away instead of 1. Reading each and every story submitted, I cannot help but feeling very touched. It is like we had set out to achieve a goal and we had reached it. Thanks to Each & Every Single of You.

The below 3 Winning Submissions were selected from a total of 43 entries.


A Journey like No OtherKim Tan
Photo: Kim Tan (left) with her Friend Stella.

My photographic journey started with a road project by ourshutterjourney.com called “Project Smiles 100” back in 2010.
I was approached by Shutter Journey’s photographer, Allan Lee, to participate in that project. All I need to do was smile at his camera. I started thinking why he did that project for and when I realized he was trying to collect 100 Pairs of Smiles from Strangers – it roused my curiosity. I thought that was really meaningful as all he did was to make 100 pairs of random strangers smile! And it wasn’t even a paid project I later found out. All he wanted was to bring smiles to strangers that he don’t even know! And he succeeded with nothing but just his camera!

It did not end there. My photography journey continued when both me & my hubby decided to hire Shutter Journey’s photographers for our wedding day. It was then that I was officially introduced to the world from a different perspective.
By looking through a viewfinder, it enables me to look at things in details which, in our fast paced society have often overlooked. Recalling the first time I picked up my DSLR, it was both nightmarish and exciting at the same time as there was so much information to absorb & to learn. There are just so many things I wanted to capture with my camera. With the guidance from many members of the group, I have gained countless knowledge and had created many wonderful memories ever since. I love a good challenge, having a collector’s item rocks!

Editor: Kim, thank you for being such a good client, good student, good friend & a good supporter! Thank you for giving us more reasons to spur on in what we believe in.
Enjoy Your Pentax ESPIO 115M Gold Edition!


My Shutter Journey – Rain or Shine – Dyan Tjhia
Picture: Dyan in Person.

I will always remember August 2012, as that was the very first time I heard about ourshutterjourney.com (then Shutter Journey Singapore) and I decided to join their zoo outing at that time. I am glad I made that decision till today. Since then, I have been a regular participant in almost all their outings and events. Why?
Through ourshutterjourney.com I’ve met lots of wonderful people which eventually became close friends and it’s really a great feeling to connect with like-minded people of the same interest. Joining ourshutterjourney.com has also allowed me to progress photography at a faster pace – especially through ourshutterjourney.com’s outings, which is organized regularly thus also encouraged me constantly to practice & shoot more. It also created a challenge to myself to capture better picture after picture.

I’m very thankful for the Founders of ourshutterjourney.com (Allan and Ling) who unselfishly dedicate their time, energy, and resources by organizing the outings and sharing their knowledge in photography freely among the group.

Rain or shine, thunderstorm or a scorching hot day, SJS outings are always fun. Whether it’s visiting new places together, learning something new together, meeting new friends together, or just sharing a good laugh together with familiar faces,
we always bring back with us a wonderful experience, a great photographic journey that are beyond words. I really love photography and I love film photography too!

Editor: Dyan, it is my honor to have a good apprentice & a great friend like you! Thank you for sharing and we hope that we can create more photographic memories for you through our events & programs.
Enjoy Your Pentax ESPIO 105S!


The Journey for Everyone – Ramesh Ramakrishnan
Picture: Ramesh R.

Not exactly a regular, but I have had a few good journeys with ourshutterjourney.com’s organized walkabouts, talks and events. The few main reasons that I enjoy with this group are; it is a no-fuss, speak-direct and straight-shooting photography group. Another great point of the group has to be the leadership of the group seniors – excellent.

The Shutter Journey portal has many gear reviews, ideas and goodies for enthusiasts –  for young and old and the Editor/ Founder freely speaks his mind about alternate and chic brands and like all successful ventures, it is relentlessly pursuing to grow and build a happy shooting future without just sucking up to popular myths. As for the closing line, well I still shoot film these days and I am always a film aficionado (and don’t have a Pentax!) !

Editor: Ramesh, Thank you for your interesting note which summarized quite a few key elements of ourshutterjourney.com! Short & Sweet indeed! Thank you for your support!
Enjoy Your Pentax ESPIO 120SW!


Thanks to All of you that wrote in. Do not despair if your letter had not been selected for this Giveaway. Look out the 2nd Giveaway which we will announce very soon!

Congratulations to those who won – well you may have another chance to win yet another camera in the 2nd Giveaway too! Everyone stands an equal chance!

Stay Tuned Everyone.

Special Thanks to our Sponsor & Accredited Merchant P&G Photographic Centre!

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