Pentax K-50 Meaner than Before

16th September 2013, Singapore – Pentax’s latest release, the K-50 may come as a surprise to many since its predecessor the K-30 was launched barely a year ago. Looking at the specs, it is 90% similar to the K-30 but with a few important tweaks and added improvements & options. On first look, the K-50 had a more purposeful look now as compared to the tougher-looking K-30. The K-30 had won many fans for its prosumer specifications and an entry-level asking price and the K-50 seems to have up the ante against the competition now.

Photo: The New Pentax K-50. Shedded the Rugged look from the K-30 but still as mean.

To start, the K-50 had taken the Q Series route by offering buyers 100 colors as a made-to-order option and this, till today, is very Pentax. Remember what the media were speculating when the first white colored K-2000 DSLR was launched? When the White K-X came with more colors and subsequently the K-R, more Pentax were sold in many parts of the world than some other brands! When K-30 arrived with its Prosumer Specs, clearly a winner was on Pentax’s plate and now – the K-50.

Photo: The DAL18-55mm Weather Sealed kit lens now comes in matching colors.

For technical in-depth review, please try the internet, here, we are more interested to show you what we have shot from this camera. We took the K-50 out for a night walk this round.

IMGP0743 IMGP0735 IMGP0736 IMGP0737 IMGP0738

In conclusion, the K-50 is clearly the next winner from Pentax. As a Pentax collector (I have a black, blue, red, pink, white & yellow Pentax bodies), I was happy to see the front and rear dial carried over from the K-30 which most basic level DSLRs from other brands do not have.

Photo: My Pentax K Mount Collection.

The handling is very similar and it is goody grippy although personally I still prefers the “raw” look on the K-30. Picture quality is way too good to even put it into words comparing the K-50 with older Pentax bodies or cameras of similar price range from other brands.  I can go on forever how good the K-50 is but I will suggest for readers to drop by their dealers and test out the camera yourself. Touching, Using, is Believing.

For more information on the Pentax K-50, please visit here.


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