20 Tips to Prevent Modesty Outraged by Photographer





20 Tips to Prevent Modesty Outraged by Photographer

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08th January 2014, Singapore – Since June 2013, there’s an article titled “Beware of these 15 Wanted Guys with Cameras 2” circulating within & outside the photography circle and modelling agencies. The list included the full name of the photographer, their online nicks, weblinks and emails etc. It is claimed by the author that the 15 photographers listed are known to have outraged the modesty of the models they shot, or tried their luck with other sexual advances taking advantage of their position as the photographer. Someone posted a reply with a link reference to the Singapore Penal Code too. Although there are always two sides to every story, I would like to urge every photographer to keep the profession professional and for every model to stay safe and know the line.

Although there isn’t any rules or laws to govern what goes on for a nude/semi-nude/lingerie/themed with partial nudity photography session behind doors, I am sharing my personal checklist of Dos & Don’ts for everyone’s reference which is heavily based on common sense and ethics. The list below applies to both photographers & models. If you have more suggestions, please feel free to email me so that I may add on to the list so that more people can be protected.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.studioprague.com/

Pre-Shoot Checklist
1) Arrange to meet the photographer together with a friend/fellow model at a public place for a discussion.
2) Have your accompanying friend to record down the conversation. (Or Video)
3) Discuss & draw out the perimeters of what is to be done and what are the requirements.
4) Models should state the things that she disallowed like type of attire, nudity level, certain poses etc.
5) Find out more about the shoot location, the photographer’s portfolio.
6) After all the discussion, have ALL the points compiled & documented, email a copy to the photographer and have him/her to agree and reply via the email as an acceptance of the terms which also means full compliance is expected.
7) Do your research online on the typical “accepted poses” and also search up on the photographer for reviews/ comments/ discussion revolving or involving the photographer. Also check with other fellow models too.
8) Inform a close friend/ siblings that you are doing a shoot with details like time, date, location and name of photographer.

Session Checklist
1) If possible, arrive at the shoot location earlier than the photographer and “walk the ground”, check the surroundings, find an escape route and probably locate the nearest main road or Police station.
2) Show up with a buddy/close friend/sibling if possible, in the name of hairstylist/make-up artist etc.
3) Once inside the shoot location, move around to check for hidden cams, especially inside the toilet/changing room.
4) Avoid changing your clothes openly, if there is no toilet/changing room at least find a blind.
5) If any adjustment is to be made to anything from hair to clothes, inform the photographer that you will do it yourself or the accompanying person to do it. Remember, there is certainly no such thing as the photographer helping you to adjust your bra, panties or even shaving your public hair off bikini line.
6) Trust not your 6th sense but your common sense.
7) If a requested pose is making you uncomfortable, reject the request politely and suggest alternate pose. It is a fine line between Art & Porn.
8) All other camera-enabled equipments like tablets/cell phones belonging to everyone present should be placed in a basket or a prominent place once the shoot commences.
9) If the photographer starts to get touchy, or crossed the line, stay firmed and warn the person that you will make a Police report if the advances continues.
10) After the shoot, have your friend stay with the photographer while you change.
11) Collect all payments due and have the photographer sign on a hard copy of the email (terms & agreement) that you had sent prior to the shoot. Make sure the photographer’s full name, ID number, signature, time & date are writen clearly.
12) Make sure you left nothing behind at the shoot location before you exit.

For aspiring Nude Photographers, here’s a great link for your reference too.
Just for the record, there are also male models who got more than just a photoshoot from their female photographers – there are always 2 sides to every story.

Although the above list is my personal checklist, this is compiled through horror stories that I’ve heard from other professional photographers & models alike. Nude photography is an Art, not an exploitation tool for photographers to outrage the modesty of a model by taking advantage of their position. There are many great Nude Photographers out there and there are just as many Blacksheeps too.

Keep the industry clean, let Art be Art.

#6 Trust Not Your Sixth Sense, But Your Common Sense.






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