Unforgettable Yuan Yang – Featuring Susan Gwee




Unforgettable Yuan Yang – Featuring Susan Gwee
Yuanyang  - 箐口_4

Photo by Susan Gwee.


12th April 2014, Singapore – I have been doing photography for a while in Singapore. I have always been fascinated by travel photography. But never will I imagine myself to make the effort and take on a photography-based trip to some other part of the world. But there is always a first time – I took on Yuan Yang, Yunnan in China and my very first photography trip in my life. And since this is my very photography trip, I decided to book my trip with Xing Asia, a licensed photography tour company that is managed by Master Photographer Michael Lee – a professional travel photographer who had left footsteps in many parts of the world.

Photo by Susan Gwee.


The experience was fabulous and overwhelmingly awesome. Yuanyang is a beautiful & magical place. The colors, the culture are interesting and the place is full of contrasts. Importantly, it is the local people of Yuan Yang, they are very hospitable, I can feel the warmth of the people everywhere I went and they literally welcome us with wide open arms & hearts. How awesome is that?
To sweeten the trip, Michael Lee has intimate connections with the people there. We were given many opportunities to interact directly with the minority tribes. Through this, I gained a better understanding of their cultures and a deep insight to their lifestyles. The people are sincere and extremely friendly – the feeling of warmth touched me deeply.

Photo by Susan Gwee.


During this trip, we were granted a rare chance to attend the Axi Fire Worship Festival of Yi ethnic group from Mile County. Although it was almost impossible to shoot due to the large turnout in a massive crowd, it has been an eye-opener to better understand their culture leaving me with an indescribable experience that I will remember for years to come.

In brief, I am incredibly impressed with the comprehensive & well-tailored itinerary by Xing Asia. This trip provided me with a wide variety of photography opportunities like the mystical Milky Way, the incredibly beautiful Sunrise & Sunset, the contrasting landscapes, portraitures of everyday life of the local people, the festival events and even wildlife photography – all accomplished within the 8 days trip.

Louping - 金鸡
Photo by Susan Gwee.


I would also like to take this chance to share that I am grateful to Ourshutterjourney.com (Previously Shutter Journey Singapore) for providing me a constant platform to practice & hone my photography skills through their many photography outings. I was able to apply the skills that I have learned on unforeseen circumstances like harsh sunlight, dim shooting environment, continuously moving objects, etc.

Our Tour Guide Michael has also been extremely helpful and very resourceful in planning of the entire itinerary. I enjoyed myself very much throughout the trip and made many new friends sharing the same passion as mine. They generously shared many useful photography tips along the way making the trip very special to me.

Luxi - 城子村
Photo by Susan Gwee.


If you are passionate about photography, curious about different cultures and hope to open up your social circle, I will strongly recommend Xing Asia’s travel photography trips – This is the good choice that I took, and I am sure it will be the same for anyone who is looking to start off a really personalized photography journey.

Photo: Susan Gwee


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Xing Asia is a fully licensed travel agent by Singapore Tourism Board. We seek to provide exceptional value and authentic experience for like minded people to experience Asia and beyond through the eyes of our lenses. We differentiate ourselves by creating a platform for people to share and express their passion through immersing themselves in the local culture and lifestyles, befriending the locals and giving back to the community. Our mission is to ensure that your photographic travel experience expands your soul, refresh your perspectives and rejuvenate your spirit.

Join us for a journey of new beginnings, friendships and an enriching experience! For more trips & information, Please visit www.xing-Asia.com

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