What Goes On Behind-the-Scene for a Gear Review?




What Goes On Behind-the-Scene for a Gear Review?

Photo by Ling.

05th June 2014, Singapore – As a photographer, I am sure many of you would have read equipment reviews all over the internet. While some of you read reviews before a purchase decision, there are some who are wondering how reviews are done and what exactly went on behind the scene. Most photography review sites has their own distinctive style so as to create their niche and we are no exception. Famed for our “user-friendly” reviews with real and unedited photos, and sometimes pushing the equipment to the limits, we are more interested in how the equipment performed and what kind of images it produces rather than how many frames per seconds or how big the aperture is.

Photo by Ling.

From learning about the equipment that we are about to review to planning where to go, what to test and how to test the equipment correctly are vital as it will affect the overall presentation of the article which the world will somehow find their way to it. Not to forget the weather plays an important part too if the review is to be conducted outdoor.

So complicated? Actually it is and it is also not.

Photo by Peh Weijian

This is your chance to be a Reviewer!
We are giving our Singapore Readers a chance to go behind the scenes with our Review Editor Allan Lee for the next 2 reviews and the readers gets a chance to understand and follow through the whole review process from the planning stage to the actual execution of the review and finally to the editing stage and publishing the review in your name!

The next 2 article on queue are;
1) MINOX Digital Miniatures – Are these cameras for Real?
2) Canon EF 50mm F1.8 vs Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II

How to be Part of the Review?

All you need to do is;
1) Write in 20 Words why you would like to be part of this.
2) Email your answer to ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg
3) Leaves your name & contact number.
4) You will be contacted if you are selected to be part of the Review Team for the above planned articles.
5) Write in now.

We will be waiting. πŸ™‚





About Editor AL

About The Web Editor: http://about.me/shutterjourney
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