MINOX DCC 5.1 The “Digital M3”




MINOX DCC 5.1 The “Digital M3”

Photo: Tour participants at Sekinchan, Malaysia trying out & posing with the MINOX DCC 5.1

04th June 2014, Singapore – Following the recent announcements about Ourshutterjourney LLP’s appointment as the exclusive wholesaler of MINOX Digital Miniature Cameras by Schmidt Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd, many people asked if the little MINOX can even function or perform like a camera at all. Well, MINOX Miniatures are REAL cameras, just that these are licensed replicas to the likes of Leica M3 or the Rolleiflex TLR. You can check out the specs over here.

Since pictures says a thousand words, we decided to pass a demo unit of the MINOX DCC 5.1 – the Leica M3 replica – to one of our partner Xing Asia to use & test out the camera. So last week, Xing Asia brought a group to Sekinchan in West Malaysia for a photography tour and the little MINOX was passed around to everyone in the group to use and resulted in the photo set below. Nevermind who shot which photos, it’s a collective effort from everyone in the tour group.

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From the photos, I am sure many of you will be convinced by now that the MINOX DCC 5.1 is not just a toy replica, it’s a real & fully functional digital camera that despite being small, it works & its performance does not disappoints.
Best of all, the “C” in the product code “DCC” actually means CLASSIC. And the full code says “Digital Classic Camera”. Understand now? 🙂

Thank you Xing Asia for helping us to review the MINOX!

For the rest of you, so where to buy?

Till we return with the review on the mini Rolleiflex, meantime just pop over to our FB Page and “LIKE” the page!


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Recently appointed by Schmidt Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd as the exclusive Wholesaler of MINOX Brand digital cameras, the company has reached yet another milestone with the new appointment. Ourshutterjourney LLP is backed by a comprehensive network comprising of photography dealers, camera brands, photography-related services and support companies.

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About Schmidt Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd/
About Schmidt Group and Schmidt Marketing (Asia) Ltd.
Founded in 1896, the Schmidt Group streamlined its distribution business into three independent business enterprises in 2001, forming Schmidt Marketing Asia Ltd., Schmidt Electronics Group Asia Ltd., and Schmidt BioMedTech Asia Ltd.

Schmidt Marketing Asia Ltd. is one of Asia’s leading integrated distribution, marketing and service providers with a network of operations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. The company has been representing a number of  world famous photographic brands for many decades, including Artisan and Artist, B+W, Berlebach, Cullmann, Gami Light, Leica, Lenspen, Metz, Minox, Multiblitz and Nissin.. Since 2010, Schmidt Marketing Hong Kong has been developing beverage business, including Lucky beer, Harbour Estates icewine from Canada, German white and red wines from Domdechant, Jean Buscher and Sitzius wineries in Germany.

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