Tamron 16-300mm Benchmarking Super Zooms




Tamron 16-300mm Benchmarking Super Zooms
– The NEW 18.9X Super Zoom 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC PZD lens!
– Featuring Guest Reviewers Trisha Lim & Genevieve Tan!

Photo: Guests Reviewers Trisha Lim (Nikon User) & Genevieve Tan (Canon User)
Photography by Vince Tan.


15th June 2014, Singapore – Tamron’s release of the (B016) 16-3oomm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC PZD lens shocked the industry. Why so? Typically most APS-C DSLR comes with a kit lens that starts from a focal range of “18mm”, which translate into a focal range of 27mm (for most APS-C DSLRs except Canon is about 29mm) on a  full frame 35mm format. This is considered as the “standard wide” angle. Anything below 18mm will be sold as a premium lens as it means wider angle and any mm lesser (wider) is worth paying for.

Tamron recently redefines the industry benchmark with its latest release of the 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC PZD. Starting from an Ultra Wide angle of 16mm to a generous 300mm telephoto range, this super lens effectively gives the user a full frame equivalent of 24-450mm (25.6-480mm on Canon APS-C). In digital language, this is 18.8X Zoom – a first in the industry and a first in the history of photography lenses.

Picture: the New Tamron 16-300mm in both Canon & Nikon mount.


The new 16-300mm lens includes premium aspherical elements plus Tamron decided to add newly developed glass – with multiple layers of coating to produce clear, sharp images while maintaining the overall compact dimensions. If the sweeteners ain’t enough, you will be pleased to know that – to design a real All-in-One lens, the lens had been engineered to do close ups (close to macro) at 1:2.9 (at 39 cm) for the magnification ratio. In the past, most super telephoto zooms suffers from the lack of close minimum focusing distance. This is indeed a challenge that Tamron had geniusly overcome – way ahead of other manufacturers.

Picture: See how 2mm can make a difference to your photos.


The other sweeties worth mentioning is the company’s proven VC (Vibration Compensation) system which is an image stabilization system that allows more focusing accuracy and the PZD focusing motor (Piezo Drive) which allows blazing fast focusing and at a near total-silence operation. Size wise, the new 16-300mm is not huge (about 10cm long), in fact it is considered compact in my view. The moisture-resistant construction and design of the lens affirms users that the 16-300mm is truly the all-purpose lens for both indoor & outdoor use. The lens build is of excellent & high quality materials, the barrel finish feels expensive and the rubber zoom rings feels good to the touch and the lens zooms and focus smoothly – it actually feels closer to the more premium lens that other brands offers. Tamron fans will also notice that the gold-brass ring on the lens had been replaced with a sophisticated looking tungsten silver ring which exudes a classier feel now.

16mm 35mm 50mm 70mm 100mm 200mm

It is not “all show” with “no substance” inside the lens. This 7-Blader (aperture) with a  ø67 front filter thread has 16 elements in 12 groups including 3 molded Aspherical elements, 2 LD elements (Low Dispersion) & Tamron’s proven UXR (Ultra-Extra Refractive Index) glass, the 16-300mm means serious business. Aberrations are corrected to a minimum and the company’s MLC (multi-layer coating) cuts CA & flare while letting the user produces high quality images.


Picture: Original photo (top) & after cropping 75% away (below)


As mentioned many times, I would like to remind everyone that this site is not a technical site (which many users in dpreview claimed so 🙂 ), we are more keen to show the real photos produced from the lens or equipment that we reviewed to our readers rather than just share everything technical. So to achieve the “Users’ Reviews” – this round, I decided that instead of me doing the usual stuff, I’ve invited 2 other photographers to take the new Tamron 16-3oomm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC PZD lens out for a walk.

Photo: The New Tamron 16-300mm adapted and mounted to a Canon EOS M.


Let’s check out their photos below.
Note: Please note that Genevieve was issued the 16-300mm with a Canon EOS1200D + her own Canon EOS M adapted to EF Mount and Trisha was issued the 16-300mm with a Nikon D5200.

IMG_5434A IMG_5468B

DSC_0121 IMG_1230


DSC_0113 IMG_1239

Both our guest reviewers put the 16-3oomm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC PZD through its paces and limits. As we can see from the above photos (which is cropped & adjusted for horizon ONLY) shot using the new 16-3oomm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC PZD, we noted the incredibly sharp photos and the images were contrasty and full of details. Let’s hear what the guests reviewers have to say about this wonder lens.


Genevieve Tan: I was very impressed with the all-in-one capabilities built into this lens. The lens is light and its pretty easy to carry around. As for the image quality, I have no complaint at all as I am getting sharp and nice photos even when I zoomed to the 300mm end. The close focusing distance is another bonus if I decide to shoot something small and relatively near, this lens is able to produce what I envision, in almost every possible situation. It’s a solid lens. 


Trisha Lim: Similar to Genevieve, I like the lens as it is very light and compact. The lens build was of very high quality and it feels nothing near to the older Tamrons – only better. I like the focusing speed which is very fast and quiet. This set up is good for most travel applications as well as the occasional wildlife photos. The ergonomics of the lens switches layout are sensible and easy to use. Highly recommended for travel photographers to get this lens.


OK everyone, you’ve heard from the ladies. Sounds like a great lens right? So WHO exactly should buy this lens?
The focal range of 16-300mm seems to be targeting travel photographers who wish to bring minimal gears for traveling and that reduces the chances of changing lenses & risking dusts from entering the camera. This lens is also suitable for those who wish to have versatility from the wider than regular kits lenses to a far zoom of 300mm, yet wanted a fast focusing and quiet lens that produces good quality images. Importantly all APS-C users who wish to upgrade their kit lens to more sensible & affordable lens, this is the lens to purchase.


To find out more about this new lens, visit here.
To buy this lens, click here.

Special Thanks to:
– Tamron Singapore (GSH Corporation) for the lenses.
– Genevieve Tan (Guest Reviewer)
– Trisha Lim (Guest Reviewer)
– Vince Tan (Behind-the-scenes Photographer)

About Tamron Singapore (GSH Corporation (Far East) Pte Ltd)
Tamron Singapore (GSH Corporation (Far East) Pte Ltd) are committed to provide the best prices and after-sales service to all consumers and that is reflected in our commitment of a 5 years warranty. There are always greater benefits and extra savings when you purchase a Tamron lens, buy with a peace of mind, use with a peace of mind.




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