Bird Abusing Photographers Reported


Bird Abusing Photographers Reported
Photo: An unidentified man tying a nestling.

18th August 2014, Singapore – We got alerted by Singapore Bird Group – which is a special interest group from the Nature Society of Singapore – that a few photographers had caused distress to birds by means of tying down their subject of photography.

The admin of the Singapore Bird Group had posted this on their Facebook page.

“We have (received) distressing news coming out from Tuas South where the Little Terns are still nesting. A group of photographers were caught on camera tying up a Little Tern chick for photographic purposes.”

“This is not acceptable birding behavior and indeed is a criminal act. We wish to gently remind birders everywhere to not leave your ethics behind while pursuing your hobby. Please spread the word to your friends, and take action so that such behavior does not become the norm here. Thanks.

A couple of photos were posted but the admin had warn everyone against jumping into conclusion until their actions were proven to be causing abuse. If you are doing birding at Tuas area and bumped into these people, our suggestion is to take out your phone, video their actions for a while, call the Police, then continue to video them until help arrives. Abusing of animals is illegal under Singapore Law.

All photographers are reminded that no matter how desperate you are to shoot a bird or any animal in the wild or nature, you are to respect that these are living beings and they have every rights to live – just like you & me. Anything that comes from the nature belongs to the nature.


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