The Big Blog Exchange 2014 Update


The Big Blog Exchange 2014 Update

21st August 2014, Singapore – Following our earlier announcement on our little run in the 2014 Big Blog Exchange, we are glad to announce that we had managed to scale the chart and had reached #05 Position as of this morning! We are truly excited and we would like to Thank everyone who had voted for us!

Cast Your Vote Today!
The Closing Date for the Voting is on the 3rd of September 2014 as stated on Big Blog Exchange’s website. So if you had not voted for us, you have a chance to help us stay on the chart!

How to Vote?
1) Go to Our Big Blog Exchange Voting Page here.
2) Click the “Vote for Me” Button. An email bar will appear after you clicked.
3) Enter your email then click “Ok”. You will receive an email from BBE.
4) Open the the email and click on the link to confirm your vote.
– Do check your email junk box in case it went there like mine.
– This is not a SPAM.
– The email confirmation of Vote is to ensure you are human.

How to Join?
I would like to invite you to join me in this competition too (especially if you are from Singapore). At this moment, I am the ONLY Singaporean in the Top 25 list and I hope to have more fellow Singaporean joining me in the ranking. All you need is a blog with active content reporting on any genre.
Join the Contest here.

Thanks everyone for your support and please vote for us if you had not done so.

Thank you.

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1 Response to The Big Blog Exchange 2014 Update

  1. Singapore Media Owners says:

    To the Coward who uses a Nickname and sent me nasty messages, well. You are just a loser.
    1) Thanks for acknowledging that I am an Uncle – means I’ve seen more storms than you’ve watched Disney cartoon.
    2) Thanks for describing my features to the most beautiful human organ that God had created.
    3) Whether I am fit to represent Singapore or not is my business and not yours.
    4) You claimed that I cheat? Are you insinuating that the organisers had made a website that are full of loopholes? Or you happened to find that loophole and you are already exploiting the voting system? Please share if you do, so that I can stop going around begging for votes too.

    Using a fake name and a fake email and trying to leave a negative comment here are nothing but the act of a loser. Please grow up. Be an adult, email me directly and tell me what you are unhappy about. Maybe I can ask my 12,000 subscribers to help you out too.

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