Pink Submissions #05 “Lady Rain” Editor’s Pick

Pink Submissions #05 “Lady Rain” Editor’s Pick
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16th December 2014, Singapore – This is the 5th Pink Submissions by Pink Photographers Singapore (PPSG). And by far, one of the toughest theme ever. Both the sponsor and our editor AL agreed on the theme called “Lady Rain”. The rain, is a mysterious occurrence when the most extreme of elements meet. When it comes to matters of the heart, It is also symbolic where the world generalize rain and associate it with gloom, sadness, sense of loss, breakups, heartbreaks, failures, negativity, pain, tears, regrets & every other bad things or feelings you can think of. Expressing Rain with a female touch (Lady Rain) via photography will be a very tough one. Some may describe the rain like a lost lover just like Indecent Obsession’s hit song “Lady Rain”, where all the sadness and sense of longing comes together. While some may take it on a lighter note where rain is depicted as not a person but an abstract form of expressive photography where the images usually aims to keep the viewers in suspense, made the viewers think beyond what the photographer had presented. 

#05 Pink Submissions “Lady Rain” – Inspired by the ongoing monsoon season, one can’t help but get emotional at times. When memories replay itself, good ones or bad ones, as the rain falls down, sometimes it does feels like the world is falling apart. Although some say learn to dance in the rain, I am sure they hadn’t tried dancing in the rain with a broken heart, and how sometimes when your heart is bleeding without any more pain and you are there struggling to put on a strong front. Lady Rain, i need you softly falling on my face. – AL, Editor

Before we go to the submissions, here’s some words from the Editor as well as the sponsor Red Label by Artist&Artisan (Schmidt Marketing).

“It was intended as an emotional and sad theme. Although some of the entries tends to be presented in a lighter touch, I must conclude that this round, is really not easy. Good Job Ladies!”
AL, Editor.

“The rain is something that we cannot avoid especially when we live in a tropical country like Singapore. Using it as a medium for the theme and to put it with photography, this is a real test of creativity. ”
Kenny Khaw, Schmidt Marketing Photo (Singapore).

Enjoy the entries!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)


The Entries for #05 Pink Submissions “Lady Rain”

1. Lady Rain – The Heartbroken Lady Part 3 (心碎的女子 3)
– by Tan Hui Hui
“When the rain falls, so are my tears…”
“当雨滴打在我脸上, 眼泪也随着落下….”

Editor’s Note: We cry, when we feel pain, be it physical or emotional, the pain is often immersed and intense. Especially tears from a broken heart, combined with the falling rain, anyone will break down, anyone. Lady Rain indeed.

This is a very creative entry by Hui Hui. Using eyelashes over droplets of water that was supposed to express tears falling off the face of a lady and the smaller droplets being rain drops, this is a masterpiece by itself. 

2. Lady Rain – Lovers
– by Alice Chia

“See it coming out of their eyes?
Be it a pair of garden grome,
Be it a pair of lovers,
Anywhere, anyplace
Beneath the umbrella is the place.”
Alice Chia
Editor’s Note: This entry by Alice Chia seems to have lighten the load of this theme with a pair of “Lovers” and a poem to match. Most romance started in the rain with lovers sharing an umbrella, but just as much break-ups happened in the rain when one party walk out of the umbrella and onto the rain. Interesting & light-heartening concept by Alice.

3. Lady Rain – Missing You
– by Fion (Wee N Soh)

“Listening to the sound of the rain, just like the sad songs that I’ve known before.
Pitter patter pitter patter, the falling rain had drenched my deepest thoughts & longings.
I am Missing you, while you are faraway in heaven, I wonder, if you are well and missing me too.”
“听 雨的声音, 
滴答 滴答 滴答滴, 滴进了心里最深的思念
思念你, 思念远在天国的你
不知你现在 过得好吗。”

Editor’s Note: In life, many of us would have friends, pets or relatives who passed on at the various stages of our life. The sense of loss, the process of missing someone who will never return, it is an emotional reaction that all human beings will experience and it is emotionally painful beyond words. This is a rather dark and sad piece of work. She captured the rain on the window looking out to a gloomy blue twilight, while in her photo caption, Fion narrated about she missing someone who is in heaven. This piece made me cry.

4. Lady Rain – Cats & Dogs
– by Eileen Ng
“A cool and cold day having lunch .. raining cats and dogs … … feeling cold & cozy… ..”EileenNg
Editor’s Note: After looking at Eileen’s entry & her caption for a while, I really cannot relate how this photo can properly fit into the theme of Lady Rain. However, after looking at the photo again, it might be better if the caption can be changed to

“For the lady had endured the test of time, suffered the hard times, still she stand tall.
In the sun, in the rain, she helped built Singapore” – a tribute to Samsui women.

5. Lady Rain – The Heart Wanders
– by Felicia Lee Xiaomei
“When rains falls, the heart wanders.”XiaoMei
Editor’s Note: Yes, whenever the rain falls, the heart does wander. Strange as it seems, humans tends to think a little differently whenever one is commuting in the rain, alone.
It can be a self-protecting mechanism that our heart moves into a stage where we rationalize thoughts, and assess what’s in our hearts that made us make certain decisions. Felicia’s entry looks like she shot this from inside a cab/car while heavy rain falls outside. Looking at the rain drops and against the gloomy skies outside, I can’t help but my heart starts to wander off too. Good job!

6. Lady Rain – 314 Days
– by Zen Chen WeiHan
“As I stood by the kitchen window, it begun to pour. I looked across to the fridge and saw your photo. I drew a long breath and slowly exhaled, like a soft sigh against the window. Then I wrote, 314 days… Since you’ve been gone.”

“This number is real. It’s been 314 days since my beloved pet passed away. I feel that sometimes what makes us emotional can be anything other than a heartbreak from a relationship. But things like a departure of a loved one.” – ZenZenChenweihan
Editor’s Note: When my pet dog passed away a couple of months ago, I felt a longing sense of loss too. I remember the day when I visited her, looking at the urn where her ashes are, i wept quietly. All the good times that we had together came rushing back to me. All the laughter, the endless hours of play together – it seems like only yesterday that I was still holding her like a puppy. I can fully understand how Zen must have felt when her pet passed away. It’s more than a pet, it’s a friend, whom gave us unconditional love. When the rain fell, and when Zen sighed, the vapour formed on the glass and she wrote “314 Days” – the number of days since her pet left her. From her photo, I can feel the pain, the longing and how much she really missed her pet. Zen’s photo touched me deeply.

7.  Lady Rain – The Heartbroken Lady Part 2 (心碎的女子 2)
– by Tan Hui Hui
“A lost love, an empty heart…”
“爱走了, 心空了….”
Editor’s Note: I remember the times when my heart was empty. It felt hollow and it wasn’t a good feeling. The pain comes from deep within, where we kept our best memories and our darkest secrets. Huihui’s caption “A lost love, an empty heart” simply rakes up lots of memories for me. Tons of regrets, misgivings and past relationships came to mind. It’s not about what went wrong then, it’s about the emptiness that comes with these thoughts and memories. A heart penchant, hung against a glass with rain drops, brings Lady Rain to life. Good job!

8.  Lady Rain – The Note
– by Zen Chen WeiHan
“It reads <<Dear you, I just want to tell you.. I love you and goodbye. Take care.>>
What happened? Why? And how did the girl who wrote the note felt?
Was it by choice… Or was it inevitable?”ZenChenweihan1
Editor’s Note: When pain becomes too painful to bear, when the last bit of hope turned into disappointment, one can’t help but loses the will to live. For another day meant another day of endless torture and pain. I attempted suicide 4 times just this year alone, and I know how that level of pain felt like. Many will say that ending one’s life is the most irresponsible thing to do, or how stupid a person is, trust me, those who said this had not taste what I tasted or experience what I experienced. Zen’s work gave me an opportunity to view a scene that had been the result of a badly shattered heart. For indeed, Lady Rain is not anything positive when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s a rather sad photo.
ps: I am glad to be alive today for another day that I am alive, I still have a chance to achieve what I wanted to do. Thanks to my counselling centre and friends who kept me alive till today.

 9.  Lady Rain – Red Umbrella
– by 
Alice Chia
“Under the red umbrella.”
Alice Chia1
Editor’s Note: This is one of the simpler entry submitted by Alice Chia.
Red is widely associated with female and an umbrella usually means rain.
This is a simple way to get the theme “Lady Rain” right and thanks for bringing on a little light-hearted moment to this article.

10. Lady Rain – The Heartbroken Lady Part 1 (心碎的女子 1)
– by Tan Hui Hui
“The last Valentine’s Day gift…”
Editor’s Note: Valentine’s Day gifts meant a lot to many people. It’s not about what the gift is, importantly it’s a symbolic token of acceptance of love, given to someone special by someone special. But when the Valentine’s Day gift was the last, it’s also the saddest piece of memory that one can hold on to. Huihui’s photo shows a person’s hand holding on to a necklace supposedly to be the last Valentine’s Day gift and the person that was holding on to it simply refused to let go. And the rain (could be a shower head) falling down onto this hand, brings on painful memories of whatever that necklace hold. It’s a sad piece. Lady rain became alive through Huihui’s work. Well done!

11. Lady Rain – Missing You
– by Fion (Wee N Soh)
“The afternoon storm, dark & gloomy.
Unable to curb my longing, or my heart that misses you truly.”
“午後的那场细雨, 灰灰的 沉沉的
沉不住心中涟漪, 更按捺不住一颗想你的心。。”
Editor’s Note: I can feel what Fion was trying to express. Those dark and stormy afternoons that looked and feels like 7.30pm type are the most soulful & heart-stirring. It makes you want to see the person that was on your mind and you start to long for that person’s presence. When the sunny afternoon became a shade of gloom, a person will also tend to experience insecurity, restlessness and sometimes even fear. I do admit that I cried the most during stormy afternoons, as those were also the times when I misses that special someone the most. Fion’s submission of a dark rainy afternoon with a lady walking into a shelter brings out the theme perfectly.  

12.  Lady Rain – Together
– by 
Alice Chia
“Although it’s a light drizzle, it is always (feels) good to have someone beside you.”Alice Chia3
Editor’s Note: Be it a drizzle or a heavy storm, sharing an umbrella and walking together with someone dear and special meant a lot. It is not just about companionship here. It’s about braving through the journey together under one umbrella and making every moment count & memorable. Good entry Alice!

13. Lady Rain – After the Rain
– by Jeslin Tan


Editor’s Note: Jeslin’s submission is an attempt to depict the moment after a storm had passed. And what’s left behind are the traces that Lady Rain had came and go. As the rain brings upon life to nature, it brings upon another new beginning. I hope I am reading Jeslin right in this note.

14. Lady Rain – Pink Lady Rain
– by Norafida Tomoshika Luketika
“I was covering for a 48-hour running event in October 2014. It rained en route past 100km midway point. Protecting my Canon DSLR was my first priority! Thereafter all protected. So I was Pink Lady Rain.”Norafida-vert
Editor’s Note: I decided to end this article with Norafida’s light-hearted photo of “Pink Lady Rain.” She was in pink, She is a lady and it’s raining! 🙂

And the Prize Winners for the #05 PINK SUBMISSION are!
– Proudly Sponsored by Red Label by Artist&Artisan (Schmidt Marketing).

1st Prize – Tan Huihui
“The Heartbroken Lady Part 3 (心碎的女子 3)”
(Prize: Red Label A&A-RDS Camera Strap  worth S$45.00)

2nd Prize – Zen Chen Weihan
“314 Days”

(Prize: Red Label A&A-AC200 Camera Strap worth S$35.00)

3rd Prize – Fion (Wee N Soh)
“Missing You”
(Prize: Red Label A&A-AC100 Camera Strap worth S$29.00)

And! We have a special mention of the below entries!

Cool entry by Felicia Lee Xiaomei


Congratulations to All the Winners & Those Who are on Special Mention!

You will be Notified on the Collection of your prize via FB.
For those that didn’t win, please try harder next time.
Thank you for your participation Ladies!

Special Thanks to Red Label by Artist&Artisan (Schmidt Marketingfor sponsoring the Prizes!

Till then, look out for the next #06 Pink Submissions!



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