Sgcamerastore HUAT Sales V


Sgcamerastore HUAT Sales V
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14th January 2015, Singapore – Ushering in the new year and the upcoming lunar New Year, Sgcamerastore is having a “Huat” Sales promotion now. “Huat” – in Hokkien means making a fortune in local dialect slang. So what’s this promo about?

For this promo posted here, it’s for a set of 03 x 900watts digital strobes, 03 x light stands, 2 x shoot-through umbrellas, 1 x medium size soft box, 1 x trigger/receiver set with a carrying case for all of the above. And to sweeten the deal, they are throwing in a 6-in-1 flash modifier!

This set up is good for a basic professional portrait set up with strobes or can also be used as a mobile light set up for doing both indoors or outdoors shoots. If you are a strobist or starting out to play with strobes, or a professional photographer who does both outdoor and indoor work with mobility, this is the set to buy!


Everything stated above is going for ONLY SGD $588.00! (588 in Cantonese slangs means “me” will gain fortune ahead and all the way).

So people, make your way down to Sgcamerastore and Huat ah!

Try quoting (again) and see if the Boss will give you a free Teh Tarik too!




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