SCAM ALERT: Lisa Andre


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SCAM ALERT: Lisa Andre

16th February 2016, Singapore – We were notified by several members from our various groups that they had received an email from a certain “Lisa Andre”, who claimed her location to be at “South Carolina”. Her modus operandi are similar as displayed in the screen shots submitted by the members here on this article. She will praise the photographer’s photo, then ask for a digital copy and contact number then furnished various reasons why this Lisa Andre wants the photo for.


IMG_6695 620x77banner(1)IMG_6704

In most of her emails, she claimed that she needs the photos to furnish her new home. But from what we understand, there is no need to send out to so many photographers and strange as it is, and if you notice, she requested for the Cell Phone number/ Mobile Phone number which is one of the No-No in internet scams language.

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All Photographers are reminded to exercise care and consideration when sharing your images to strangers. If a stranger genuinely wish to purchase your images, you can use he below steps to safeguard your interllectual/artistic properties.

1) Send a low-res image to the prospective buyer to confirm the selected image.
2) Send an Invoice to the buyer using PayPal.
3) Once payment is in, PayPal would have captured all the details of the buyer.
4) If you are not selling but merely licensing the image to be used, then draft out a contract for the buyer to sign – or use trusted licensing sites like

4) Once all the above are met to your satisfaction, proceed to send the hi-res image to the buyer along with a Photo-Release Form.

Hope the above helps!

scam (skam/)
noun – informal

 1. a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
  1. “an insurance scam”
    synonyms: fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, racket, trick, diddle; More

  1. “a guy that scams old pensioners out of their savings”




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