We Are SIX !!!

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We Are SIX !!! IMG_7144Anniversary
Image: Ourshutterjourney.com Combined Groups Administrators Circle 2016.
Left to Right: AL Lee (Group Founder), Kase Low (SJS, P@P), Eng Choon Siong (SJS), Alvinn Lim (SJS), Ang Qianling (PINK), Robing Ng (SJS), Cindy Muse (PINK, DSG), Gary Chow (Managing Partner, SJS), Magdalene Yeo (PINK, DSG), Alan Lim (SJS), Magdalene Teo-Yong (PINK, SJS, DSG), Robin Choo (SJS, DSG), Susan Gwee (SJS, PINK DSG), Jonathan Chua (SJS), Trisha Lim (SJS, PINK, DSG, SIREN), Vince Tan (SJS, SIREN) & Kenneth Chui (SJS).

01st March 2016, Singapore – Ourshutterjourney.com Celebrates our 6th Anniversary today. It had been a bumpy ride through these years and six years in the photography industry is a (really) long time. Today also happened to be the 3rd year Anniversary for P@P & AMN, and a few more days, will be the 2nd Anniversary for SIREN. Time indeed waits for no one. Running a photography agency in Singapore is probably one of the toughest industry and a challenging one. Looking back, we have indeed braved many storms and pushed many boundaries – and some of things that we had done – probably no other groups in Singapore had tread where we had ventured.

Image: Ourshutterjourney.com Combined Groups Administrators Circle 2016.

I was browsing through the recently revamped gallery of our past outings & events, I couldn’t help but smile at some of the really fun outings that we had and the friendships that had bonded everyone together. Among the older photos, I must admit that I was almost tearing up when I saw some of the “friends” that was once close to me who are no longer with us today. Nevertheless, I wish these friends had found what they are living for and I hope they continue to pursue the art of photography – in their own respective groups.


Milestones after milestones, Ourshutterjourney is the first independent photography group in Singapore to incorporate a comprehensive list of approved & accredited merchants to serve the members community, and we went on to be the first group in Singapore to have our very own Authorized Service Centre – that raised many eye browns when we did the announcements – but since we are always moving towards a well-organized & syndicated photography group, this is what we want to do – to innovate how a hobby group can be professionally run. Eventually we have come to a point that all the various Photography Groups that were formed by us went under the main management of Ourshutterjourney LLP, a Singapore registered company in 2013 & Ourshutterjourney Photography Consortium was officially formed.

With the launch of our membership program in Nov 2015 at SITEX Singapore, Ourshutterjourney had moved to the next level of syndication where we offer registered members a host of benefits that by far, (and we were told by our registered members) one of the best membership program available from a photography group. We were thrilled when we heard this. The team will be working hard to bring everyone more interesting events in the future!


Alan Photo
So all the admins came together (first time!) for a photo shoot and we had a meeting to map out plans for the rest of the year and we are really excited of what’s coming for the next 10 months! Apology that we are not announcing here yet as we are still in the midst of confirming all the details and bookings and do wait for it.

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Special Thanks! – YellowKorner Singapore had kindly let us use their store for the group photo shoot and we are indeed grateful for their kindness. YellowKorner is a gallery for large photo prints, a showcase, a cinema of still images, a retailer of high quality photo prints of amazing works by photographers from all over the world. Located at the basement 2 of 313 in Orchard Road, Singapore,  you should pay them a visit if you are in Orchard. You will be amazed by the works on display – just like how we were amazed too.

Image: YellowKorner Singapore. Basement 2, Orchard 313. 
THANK YOU! – No organization can run successfully on a “One-Man show” – our existence today are only possible with the help and support of all the Administrators which had selflessly taken time out of their busy schedules to make (many) things possible for everybody. Each Administrator contributed in their own way and play multiple roles to ensure the group’s operations, events, online activities are well taken care of – they deserves the biggest THANKS from all the members! Thank you Admins!

Thanks to All the Accredited merchants & Brand owners who are with us in our accreditation program and continues to add values to our activities and events.

Last but not least, to all our Registered Members, Members, Subscribers, Followers and Supporters – You Made All these Possible – THANK YOU!

Ourshutterjourney Founder.


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