Valentine’s Day with Olympus

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Valentine’s Day with Olympus

4th February 2017, Singapore – It’s 10 more days to Valentine’s Day and it is that time of the year again where you crack multiple heads (your head plus your friends’ heads) just figuring out what to buy for your partner. Although buying gifts for guys are generally easy, but getting something that is both practical and useful will be the key to a lovely Valentine’s Day. The tough one (in our view), will be getting that perfect gift for the lady.
Agree or not – well we are speaking from our own experiences (indefinite laughter).

Now, if you are still feeling lost about what to gift your significant other, here’s some suggestions from us.

For Him
Customize a camera for him. For the gentleman with a keen eye for detail, the customisable OM-D E-M5 Mark II is perfect as it defines Olympus’ pursuit of excellent operability as well as aesthetic perfection. Go the extra mile to show how much you’ve understood your partner’s style by customizing the unit’s mounts and dials.

The customisation service, available exclusively online here, allows customers to drift away from the full black camera models and personalize their OM-D E-M5 Mark II body from the mounts to the dials. The OM-D E-M5 Mark II features an improved in-body 5-axis image stabilization system as well as a dustproof and splashproof camera body and lenses to make shooting in any environment possible.

Read more about this Award-Winning Camera here.

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For Her-
Time to pamper her with the PEN E-PL8 is the perfect gift for ladies who love taking selfies and wefies! With a flip-down touch screen and selfie mode, there is no excuse to getting a bad picture anymore. Available in three classic colours, the camera also serves as an ideal fashion accessory! Combining high-performance with premium style, the PEN E-PL8 features sophisticated smartphone and social-sharing integration and unique selfie-oriented technology with a high-resolution touch-sensitive LCD screen and powerful 3-Axis VCM Image Stabilisation (IS). With the first mirrorless camera of its kind to feature the innovative 180-degree flip-down LCD screen, the PEN E-PL8 is the perfect addition for the socially active & trendy photographers looking for high quality pictures.

Read up more about this awesome camera here.


Hope our suggestions helps you & your partner to decide on a photographic Valentine’s Day. Go on a date and discover what the above cameras is capable of and at the same time, rediscover each other again. Isn’t that Love is all about?

Happy Valentine’s Day to All of You.
– Editor AL.


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