Pink Submission #15 “My Best Food Photo” Editor’s Picks

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Pink Submission #15 “My Best Food Photo” Editor’s Picks
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09th February 2017, Singapore – The Ladies over at PINK Photographers SG had been hibernating for a while since our last Pink Submissions #14. So I decided to “wake them up” by starting a Photo-Share on their “My Best Food Photos”. Then it started, images of delicious-looking food started to appear on the wall and it build up a momentum. Then I realized, hey the standard of the images had improved a lot after such a long break! Good job Ladies! So browsing through the wall, I had hand-picked the ones that really deserves a feature (and almost have me licking my PC screen!)

Let’s see what the Ladies from PINK SG had submitted!
Image appearing not in any order.
(I had also taken the liberty to mildly edit some of the images without the ladies’ permission – lol!)

1) From Cindy S– I guess the Pokemon craze had moved to dining tables since it came & left last year. Still, Pikachu is definitely cute enough and in this case, delicious enough for your palette. Cindy shot this image from a top down (single) perspective which have an overview of all the different food on the plate and presented the Pikachu (Pokemon) correctly. Good Job! (Hope it was delicious too!)Cindy.jpg

2) From Fong Ling – The recent Chinese Lunar New Year had most of us on a Yu Sheng spree and there are more choices today for the fish aka “Yu” than the original fish which is the Wolf Herring, today we see Yu Sheng with abalones, tuna, shrimps and the most popular of all is none other than Salmon.  Fong Ling took a low down approach for this shot and the close-up angle highly accentuated the salmon with ice which let the viewer have a “fresh” feel of the salmon. Excellent job!fongling2

anigif final

3) From Iris Eu – The good old  Siu Mai (烧卖 – a traditional chinese dumpling) is a staple breakfast Dim Sum that most of us grew up with. While this is mainly a pork dish, our Muslim friends has a chicken version which I love too. (the chicken version is also very tender!). Iris shot this with the bamboo cover half-opened gave viewers the feel that this serving of Siu Mai is steaming hot and fresh out of the steamer. Good idea & presentation!

4) From Nicole Wong – The stark simplicity of this shot was what caught my attention. The clean look and neat presentation packs a lot of details within this frame. Nic framed this shot quite nicely although the biscuit was slightly cropped off at the bottom of the frame however she was at the “just-right” distance where there’s just enough to capture every ingredient on this plate nicely. Good one Nic!

5) From Joanna Ng – What can be more enjoyable than a plate of Char Kway Teow when Chinese flat glass noodles sauteed with egg (sometimes Duck Eggs), garlic, sesame oil, soya sauce, lots of pepper, chilli (optional), fresh cockles, bean sprouts, fish cakes, fresh prawns and topped with chopped spring onions? Using a simple approach to this image where less is really more – Joanna isolate the background and have all of us looking and lusting after the juicy prawns on the noodles – right at our face! Good one Joanna!


6) From Lily Lim– Fried Glutinous Balls with Sesame is another super popular snack in Singapore. Comes in many choices of fillings, the popular ones are minced peanut with sugar & the red bean paste (dao sa). Although I wonder why there’s a morsel of Chinese parsley on the plate, this close-up angle have me wanted to lay my hands on one of these, I am serious! Nice work Lily!

7) From Emily Xu – Ice Cream Prata (Ice Cream scoops on Indian pancake or bread) is a form of happy food in my view. Usually you get 3 scoops of ice cream in the typical Vanilla+Strawberry+Chocolate combo with generous whip cream all over and dripping with caramel or chocolate sauce, sprinkled with peanut bits and served on a bed of piping hot prata. Emily shot this at the “eye-level” of the ice cream which is a good move as she had managed to capture all the ingredients that I had mentioned above. Nice one Emily!

8)  From Cindy – this chicken dish was shot at a near-perfect lighting with all the ingredients properly presented and yet not overwhelmed. Every single details is properly captured and the end result is excellent! Look carefully, there are 12 visible ingredients from this image and see how many can you spot!
PS: Cindy, please bring me to this place one day! I almost lick my PC screen again!


9) From Ang Qianling – A hearty but light breakfast for four persons. Qianling took the top down approach for this shot and in such example, it created a nice “food scene” rather than a food shot. Very simple composition but yet very interesting to take a 2nd & 3rd look. As usual, people like to associate white color with breakfast & mornings and this shot is what magazines will usually publish for morning/breakfast related articles. Good job Ling!

10) From Joanna Ng – Charcoal-Toasted Bread are disappearing fast from this part of the world. Many had switched to electric toasters which (trust me) the end result is very different and the taste differs too. Joanna took this shot during her trip to Penang and this is a shot of a hawker preparing the toast like a BBQ (hence “Bakar: in Bahasa) which is getting very rare. You don’t see this very often these days. (in fact none in SG now). The feel of this shot is very interesting and showcased the authentic way to prepare & toast the bread. Thanks for sharing this Joanna!

11)  From Cindy – Bak Ku Teh (Pork Ribs Soup/ Spare Ribs Soup) is another local favorite. Started as a street snack or a budget meal, today the Bak Kut Teh market is worth at least $10M in Singapore with more & more chain outlets sprouting on top of the hawkers selling this peppery and tasty soup dish. Due to nature of this dish – usually comes with many side dishes – Cindy took the top down approach and she definitely picked the right angle. This is another good example of a “Food Scene” rather than a Food shot. Good job Cindy!

12) From Fong Ling – Another great shot by Fong Ling. A Shashimi platter given a close-up treatment with near-perfect lighting, right exposure and all details are clearly seen in this image. Like the previous salmon image by Fong Ling, you can see the ice and everything else with lots of details. Everything just look so yummy and juicy here – Good Job Fong Ling!

anigif final

13) From Joanna N– Pastries are best shot in numbers especially when they are colorful and part of a huge tray or display. Joanna focused on the 1st piece while she bokeh off the rest using a wide aperture setting makes the first piece stands out and you can’t help staring at it. The glaze also made the pastry looked really fresh and yummy and the low down and close-up angle Joanna used simply makes this an excellent image. OK Joanna, now tell me where is this sold?!?!

14) From Ellis Tay – Ramen, a favorite dish here and enjoyed by almost all Singaporeans made it to this list here. As most Ramen noodles are usually drowned out by the broth, Ellis did the right thing by using chopsticks to lift up the noodles for this shot. With every ingredient being visible and in focus, this is an interesting shot where you will tend to look at the ingredients one by one. (And if you flip this image upside down, you get a Smiley face too.). The angle and exposure being perfect, this is one great shot of a bowl of Ramen. Ellis, please tell me where can I eat this Ramen. 🙂

15) From Trisha Lim – Every Singaporean knows Fried Carrot Cake, and given the long list on the net about the bests of Carrot Cake stalls, this is a favorite snack dish. Personally I like to have this as a meal at times too. Trisha did an angled shot of this plate of Fried Happiness and you can see the near-burnt egg that had been deliciously smudged on the carrot cake along with the rest of the ingredients that are visible and so tempting. Nice one Trisha!

16) From Magdalene Teo-Yong – Apparently Mag’s son Ryan is a budding home chef who takes a deep interest in culinary art. The plating and presentation on this image was done by Ryan himself and Mag decided to shot this with a close-up but top down angle to accentuate the cuttings of the meat, showing all the other ingredients in equal attention creating a very menu-like, but artistic approach to this shot. The contrasting colors of the ingredients also helped made the meat looks even more delicious. Good shot Mag!
(Mag, please help ask Ryan when he is going to cook for Uncle AL can?)
Magdalene TeoYong.JPG

17) From Kee Bee – An interesting ice cream cone that was animated with chocolate-made eyes. Although this is a simple shot, it caught my eyes. While the focus is strong on the ice cream cone face – the bokeh of the wall paper with a man at the back made this shot situational-contrasty and very interesting to view. OK, Kee Bee, now tell me where is this place.
Kee Bee.jpg

18) From Alice Chia – Home-made chocolates made by Alice herself. Being an avid baker, her hobby is creating lots of sweet treats and you can see that she bakes every other day for her family, friends & colleagues. I like how Alice had created this shot by using the focus-on-one-among-the-rest to bring my attention to the Pink-White heart shaped chocolate while everything else is off-focused. Looks so tempting indeed! Alice, like I always said, I WANT ONE YESTERDAY!
Alice Chia.jpg

anigif final

19) From Shi Qing – Gourmet breakfast are the rage these days with more & more brunch cafes/ eateries opening all over Singapore. Shi Qing used the top-down approach for this to an advantage as such breakfast platter usually comes with several different “main” and by using this angle, every single ingredient is visible and well balanced out without overpowering each other. The lighting from the background also made the sausage looks even more juicy and yummy! Simple shot but great shot! Good Job Qing!Shiqing.JPG

20) From Nicole Wong – This simple shot is contrasty due to the colors of the ingredients and it caught my attention easily. Everything was in focus and not overwhelmed in any way makes this a pleasant shot to view and appreciate. Nic picked this angle which accentuated the neatly lined-up meat and the side dishes becomes what they are – side dishes – so all focus will be on the mains. Looks yummy!

21) From Sue Fang – This is one of those shots that you will see on Instagram but on closer look, this is one clean shot that did away with all that filters and yet looks tantalizing. Everything on this plate are nicely focused and Fang picked this angle that allows viewer to see everything from a nice tilt yet not overdo giving it a balanced and “well-spread” platter with me almost licking my PC screen again. Good job Fang!
Sue Fang.JPG

22) From Ang Qianling – What ever this bowl is, I am not into this food-genre -hahahaha! I like how Ling had included a fork and have viewers channel their focus onto the centre of the bowl among the other ingredients that made this bowl (or those ingredients in it) interesting. Given the presentation of this dish, a top down shot is definitely the right thig to do here and Ling got it right. I saw 6 main ingredients here, how many can you spot?
Ling, will prefer to date you for steamboat or Ramen, not this please. You’re Welcome.
Hungry? I was really looking for 08 nice images and ended up with 22 superb food images!
Excellent job from the Ladies @ PINK Photographers SG !
Look out for the next theme!
– Editor AL



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