Singapore Chinese Garden (Infrared)

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Singapore Chinese Garden (Infrared)
Image: That famous pair of pagodas that greets everyone when you are entering via the white bridge.

18th March 2017, Singapore
– Recently we did an outing to Singapore’s Chinese Gardens after a really time. The place hadn’t changed much and seems to have stop in time since 1980s. Everything you remember about Chinese Garden remained very much as it is except the buildings & structures had started to show its age. On overall the place had been pretty well maintained.

Back in my childhood, I used to stay pretty near (Taman Jurong) Chinese Gardens and it has always been one of my favorite place to visit. However, life was much simpler then, we were poor and a visit to the Chinese Garden was a bonus for spending leisure time.


Image: An aerial view of the white bridge and the south banks from one of the pagoda.

Photographers from all over the world had visited the Chinese Garden and it is pretty clear why this is so. Migratory Birds loves to stopover here and it is one of the key places to visit if you are into birding. All various species of rare birds can be spotted all year round making this place a good bird-photography hangout. Personally I had tried to shoot Kingfishers here too.

16797272_1565515606822309_7840253668154328831_oImage: The Bonsai Garden.

The Chinese Garden is also a favorite ground for Macro photographers. Many species of insects lives here – probably due to the vast amount of greens and the Jurong lake that created an abundant food source so that many insects thrives here. So if you are getting sick of shooting macro at Venus Drive or Botanic Garden, you should try shooting macro here too!


Image: The Famous White Bridge.

Image: Through an Element Glass.

As for me, I love to shoot Infrared Photography here. Not only it resonates with my childhood memories of this place, it helps me creates an unreal vision of how this place might be if viewed in the “08th color”. In fact, this is the 2nd time I returned to the Chinese Gardens with an Infrared Camera. Many had tried shooting surreal infrared images of this place, but with every visit, new angles are experimented, different time of the day gives me different end results and of course, I returned with a different IR camera that has a different NM with different people.



Image: Grand Entrance to the Inner Gardens.

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Image: Nice place to walk and photograph whether you are alone or with a group.

Image: From inside the Pagoda, the spiral staircase is a favorite among photographers.




Image: The Famous Twin Pagodas (There’s a taller, singular Pagoda too). 

If you have not visited Chinese Gardens for a while, do make your way there soon. There are lots of development around the gardens & lake and it will be a matter of time before all the birds & insects will fled due to the noise & dusts from the construction sites and worse, you cannot get a decent shot of the landscaping as there are now many buildings (or construction vehicles/ cranes etc) in your frames. I do hope the place stays as-it-is for as long as possible.

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The images on this article was shot with a Infrared Modified Nikon DSLR with a R720NM IR Filter inside.

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    Good read! The photos are unbelievable! It’s time to explore into infrared photography 😀

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