Zoo Images with a Twist

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Zoo Images with a Twist

16th March 2017, Singapore – Recently we went to the Singapore Zoo for a photography outing as part of our events for the month of March.  As a local, the Singapore Zoo is nothing new to us as most of us would have visited at least once a year on average while some hardcore animal lovers even visit on a weekly basis. Having visited and conducted many classes at the zoo, each time when I return with the images, I am always thinking how to edit them differently from my previous visits.

While I was thinking how to edit my images, a poster at my desk gave me an idea – a twisted one to be exact. I decided to add components like people, vehicles and things that are not related to the original image and created a few doctored photos that I can laugh at.


Some of the things that I’ve added are not easily seen from the images until you take a closer look. Hope you enjoy the images below. To view the originals and the album, please visit here. Here we go!

1) Power Rangers Strikes!
The Rangers decides to make a cameo landing on the tortise’s head!

2) Subaru WRX
A Subaru WRX was on a test drive at the desert and saw this giant Tortisarus along the way!




3) The Mountain Climber
– When scaling heights, do your research properly if the mountain is in the right position else you might end up climbing something else.

4) Apache Helicopters
– The Air Defence dispatched Apache helicopters for a search mission when they heard there was a Tiger on the Loose.

5) Michael Jackson
– The resident Sun Bear had been emotional and moody after failing to secure a ticket for the recent Guns & Roses “Not this Lifetime” Concert. So Michael Jackson decides to cheer up this Bear.



6) Spiderman
– Spidey was out practicing his webbing skills as a rare Squirrel watch on.ALNN4870.JPG

7) Dirt Bikes Safari
– These Dirt Bikers was not told what they had signed up for.

8) The Transformers
– When the Autobots gets bored, they decided to try agitating the aligator

Hope you enjoyed the images as much as I do putting them together. I will be back soon!

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