Bought An Olympus? Tell Us!


Bought An Olympus? Tell Us!


UPDATED: Dec 2019

23rd July 2018, Singapore – Bought an Olympus camera or lens recently? is proud to partner Olympus Singapore for some really special deal for our registered card members from 1st July till 30th Dec 2020!

What Is It About?
If you have bought an Olympus camera, Olympus lens or Olympus accessories, just send us an email with details of the purchase and you stand to redeem a special useful gift on top of the freebies you already received at the point of purchase! It can be a hi-capacity memory card, an additional battery, a discount voucher, a limited edition souvenir, an extended warranty or simply a surprise!

I Am In! How Do I Entitle For This?
1) Purchase ANY Olympus camera, Olympus lens or Olympus accessories from any Dealer from now till 30th Dec 2020.

2) Email Us within 07 days of your purchase the following information;
– Item Bought.
– Where You Bought it.
– You Name & Contact Number.
– Your Membership Card Number.

3) Email to
– Subject “Olympus Purchase”.
– You will received a Confirmation Email from us for the Redemption!

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