2018 Members’ Closed Door Sales!


2018 Members’ Closed Door Sales!
– Exclusive to Registered Ourshutterjourney Card Members ONLY!
– Posted by Melody Tan

11th October 2018, Singapore – This is our official 4th Closed Door Sales for registered card members and we will be partnering our accredited merchantAlan Photo for 2018!
Since we launched our Club Membership 3 years ago, the Membership Team had been working hard to bring value to our registered card members. Riding on this announcement, we will also be launching more promotions with lifestyle & F&B merchants from 2019 so do look out for the announcements or the email newsletter!

For this year, we had purposely dated the Closed Door Sales on the 24th of November 2018 so Members get to do their Christmas shopping way ahead of others PLUS the ridiculous price that we will be shocking the Members!
For example:
New Lenses Price starts from $100
New Cameras/DSLRs Price starts from $200
New Camera Bags Price starts from $30
New Tripod Price starts from $50 and
hundreds of photography accessories going at Unbelievable prices!
* more details after the jump

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First, the queue starts at 8.45am at the door.
Gaining entry to the Sales will be limited to Ourshutterjourney Card Members which possess a physical card at the door.
Payment options available will be Cash, NETS or Credit Cards.


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Featuring products from all major photography brands, it’s also a great chance to ask questions about gear information with non-obligated purchase as there will be sales consultants, photography trainers around to assist you.

This is a great chance for you to meet & catch up with other fellow registered members, make new friends, mingles with like-minded photographers and simply enjoy the mingling and shopping together – as a big family!


If you are a Card Member and wish to attend this Closed – Door Sales, do RSVP here for more updates on this event! Otherwise, see you there!

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