Olympus OM-D EM1X Launch (KL)


Olympus OM-D EM1X Launch (KL)
Image: Editor AL at Sepang International Circuit.

25th January 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Olympus Imaging Singapore launched their latest OM-D EM1X with a really cool launch event at Sepang International Circuit on 25th Jan 2019. The Singapore group comprises of Members of Media representatives, Photography Retailers & Professional Photographers along with the Singapore Olympus team.

Image: Sepang International Circuit. 

The whole racing circuit was decked out with Olympus banner & liveries which was pretty impressive. We started the day with breakfast followed by the launch presentation! With “everyone from Singapore” meeting “everyone from Malaysia”, it had been a really great experience meeting “Everyone” from everywhere!

Image: Everyone was excited!

The OM-D EM1X was revealed to be a Pro model for high-speed photography and not a replacement for the current flagship OM-D EM1-MarkII. Olympus General Manager Mr. Jimmy Loh further added “the EM1X was created as a tougher camera for the professional photographers that demands high-speed shooting and working in harsh environments.”.

Image: The moment when everyone held their breath!

Image: Everyone was given a special EM1X shirt as well as a Super Fast SD Card! 

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After the launch presentation & briefing, all the guests were invited to the tracks to view the cars that we will be shooting with the NEW OM-D EM1X as well as for a group photo.

Let’s see how many familiar faces can you spot below!


01 Home Page - Cathay Rewards Card.png

Image: GM Jimmy Loh posing at the F-1 Car.

Image: Editor AL having fun at the circuit photo-taking.


After the photo-taking, everyone was grouped and the hands-on session begin! There’s street-racing cars, F-1 Cars, super bikes and we are all in for a treat! And finally we got our hands on the new EM1X!


The new OM-D EM1X comes with an integrated vertical grip which is probably the 1st thing most users will notice. However, the real surprise lies inside the camera. We will be doing a full review for the EM1X once we are back in Singapore. For now, we will get to shoot and try out the camera.

For the photos below – please bear in mind these vehicles are travelling at super high speed!


Below is the iconic angle that most motorsports racing photographers will shoot while in Sepang. This Renault GT was travelling super, super fast!


Based on the above shot, I am selecting a section to be cropped out. (in the red box below)


check out the below image after cropping. I am amazed by the focus-tracking speed and accuracy.












I don’t know about you but I am certainly VERY IMPRESSED with the EM1X.  Here’s the 2 groups that were with me at the circuit. Many familiar faces eh?



Thank You Olympus Imaging Singapore for sending us up to Sepang for the launch of the OM-D EM1X. It had been a great experience and our editorial team will be looking forward to receiving the review unit for the OM-D EM1X!

Here’s a Parting Shot.

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