Olympus OM-D EM1X (SG Trial)


Olympus OM-D EM1X (SG Trial)
Image: Shot with OM-D EM1X

03rd February 2019, Singapore – Following the launch of Olympus’s NEW OM-D EM1X at KL, Malaysia, I finally got my hands on the review unit in Singapore. I had posted some of the photos taken at KL on my FB album you can view it here. If you wish to find out more about the specs, I will strongly recommend you to visit this link. Long story cut short, the NEW OM-D EM1X is NOT a replacement for the EM1 MarkII. It’s a different PRO model altogether retailing side by side with the current flagship EM1 MarkII – but catered to photographers who are more specialized in sports & wild life photography.

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The EM1X comes with an integrated vertical grip that houses 2 batteries and a more user-friendly interface with the button layout. The AI technology behind the super-fast focus-tracking is supported by not 1 but 2 TruePic VIII image processors.

“this model features vastly improved AF with new subject detection auto-focus technology, high frame rate performance, and stunning image quality with the ability to deliver 50MP equivalent Handheld High Res Shot.”

More specs over here.

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And so, I was contracted to shoot a car as the owner was about to change car and she wanted an album of her current car for memory’s sake. I show up at the assignment with the Olympus OM-D EM1X with the Zuiko 12-100mm (24-200mm equivalent) lens.

Remembering the cars that I was shooting at the EM1X Launch at Sepang, KL – I decided to ask the car owner to drive in Figure 8 so I may pan her driving the car using the EM1X. The result is really satisfying – do check out the images below.


I am like impressed for the 2nd time (since the 1st time was at the launch event), the EM1X focus tracking is indeed out of this world. Not only the AF tracks the subject closely, it actually decides the focus area based on the speed vs my pan speed to ensure a sharp image. At the launch event, we were all “freezing” the supercars but for this assignment, I wanted spinning wheels and speeding background to better portray the driving part of the car. The EM1X never disappoints!

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Be it panning or still shots, the EM1X feels completely different from the EM1 MarkII. Although I had been shooting commercial assignments with the EM1 MarkII, the EM1X is just way too competent of about anything, it gives the user absolute confidence – from the operations to its final image delivery.



While I was shooting the car at Changi Business Park, there were a group of Indians playing cricket, so I took the opportunity to try shooting them in action. If you know cricket, you will know how small the ball is and how fast the ball is gonna be thrown, passed etc. See below image – I managed to freezed the ball.


A quick summary – I will think that the new EM1X has set a new benchmark for PRO series Mirrorless camera, with its specs and capabilities – which some DSLR cannot even achieve, the EM1X is indeed a game changer for photographers who wanted more from their gear. After using the EM1X for this assignment, you know what? I have ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE that the EM1X is going to perform beyond my expectations for any assignments in any genres. I better start saving money for this camera.

Buy your NEW Olympus OM-D EM1X here!   

Here’s a Parting Shot.
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