Songbirds Competition Submission Closed



Songbirds Competition Submission Closed
– Posted by Melody Tan

20th June 2019, Singapore – The Deadline for submission of Competition Entries was yesterday 19th June 2019 at 23.59pm. All submitted images had been sent to the judges for their reference and rating. Results will be published on 25th June or 26th June 2019.

As shared during the 02-days workshop by our Founder AL – who is the moderator & workshop master for this 02-days event, all images are to be:
– in Landscape orientation.
– in color.
– not over-edited.
– present a “natural state, pose” of the subject.
– basic photography techniques applies too.
– submit ONLY 01 (one) image per pax.

We regret to inform that only images that had met the above will be considered as a successful entry.

Good luck to everyone!

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