Spot Our Anniversary Ad Winner!


Spot Our Anniversary Ad Winner!
Posted by Lee Shi Qing
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01st July 2019, Singapore – On May 09th, we posted an article asking members to spot our 10th Year Anniversary Advertisements that we had put up in 03 locations in Singapore. And so our ads went up on a Car Park Barrier Arm in the Central Area for 03 months, a Roving car with our advertisement for 01 month & a Light Box at City Hall for 01 week. You can see the original post here.

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And so, only 03 members managed to find the car park barrier arm advertisement that was located at Craig Place!  Their entries as above. After our internal discussion with our Staff Team Members, we had all voted for……………..

Ang Cheng Hoe’s Submission! For his Creativity Jump Shot (Which was dangerous, please don’t do this again!) and best portrayed the celebration spirit of Ourshutterjourney!

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Congratulations! Mr. Ang – we will be contacting you for your prize collection – a Sports Camera! Thank you for your support!

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