Exclusive Travel Agent Appointment – Chan Brothers Travel


Exclusive Travel Agent Appointment – Chan Brothers Travel
– Posted by Lee Shi Qing
17th July 2019, Singapore – We are pleased to announced that we have Officially Appointed Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd as our brand’s Exclusive Travel Agent Partner.
Through our stringent selection process in shortlisting a reputable travel agency, Chan Brothers Travel emerged as the best choice among the other travel agencies who had approached us for partnership.

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“Our members & followers are always traveling to destinations for photography or for leisure trips, it is important to appoint a credible & reputable travel agency to service our members for their travel needs. Chan Brothers Travel is one of Singapore’s largest travel agent that had been long regarded as a “household brand”, along with their wide variety of tour destinations – from mainstream to exotic places and with over 50 years’ experience in the travel business, it is obvious why we selected Chan Brothers Travel over other travel agents.”
– AL LEE  Founder of Ourshutterjourney Worldwide.

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Chan Brothers Travel’s Passion of Service Excellence
Chan Brothers Travel continues to explore new destinations and venture into opening the “roads-less-traveled” and consistently review and revisit existing destinations with new & creative itineraries and customer experiences. By maintaining a strong marketing and communications link with customers, prospects, business partners and the general buying public, Chan Brothers Travel became the “top-of-mind” brand as a trusted & reliable travel agency providing only quality packages at value-for-money prices.

For the past 50 years, Chan Brothers Travel takes pride & satisfaction from surpassing their customers’ expectations with memorable tour experiences that translates into regular returning customers. If that is not enough, Chan Brothers Travel is also the first travel agency in Singapore to set up a sophisticated online travel infrastructure and a dedicated Call-Centre as part of their continuous efforts to offer customers seamless travel experiences from the first touch point to the full utilization of service.

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More about Chan Brothers Travel
Chan Brothers Travel Group of companies:
– Asia Global Vacation
Specializing in affordable good value tours for your dream vacation including the Euroworld brand, your gateway to flexible and affordable Europe travel.
– Chan’s World Holidays
A company-owned franchise shop, a bespoke travel agency offering off-the-beaten-track unusual vacations and Muslim tours.
– Chan Brothers Express
Specializing in Club Med holidays and regional beach getaways.
– Chan Brothers Travel Powerhouse
The iconic brand that fascinates travelers with their widely acclaimed package tours, Free & Easy+ Holidays, Worldwide Cruise Centre, Customized Easy Holidays, as well as flight and hotel online portals.

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With over 50 years’ worth of happy customers, no one comes close to Chan Brothers Travel for perfecting the holiday experience. Holidays are just better with people you know and you are in great company with Chan Brothers Travel who knows the world like no other.

As our appointed Travel Agent Partner, ALL Registered Ourshutterjourney Card Members Enjoys Special Deals when booking your next Tour with Chan Brothers Travel! Pop over to our Lifestyle Merchant page to check out Chan Brothers Travel’s Promo for our members!

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