Stucked at Home? Here’s What You Can Shoot!


Stucked at Home? Here’s What You Can Shoot!
– by Lee Shi Qing
Image: Time to play with your food.

26th March 2020, Singapore
While Covid-19 are affecting (and destroying) everything in its path, many individuals had been affected in a way or another. Most commonly – stuck at home. Be it a Work-From-Home situation or on Stay-Home-Notice, or on a Leave Of Absence or on Medical Leave or self Quarantine due to travel – you are grounded at home. Too bad – but for the greater good.

As times slowly passed with boredom kicks in, many of you will be longing to take your camera out for a walk, for some fresh air and to get a clear mind in the midst of this trying times. While social distancing had proven to be quite a popular prevention for the Covid-19 virus, you are advised not to round up your fellow photography friends for a little photowalk. So what can you do?



We decided to put together a list of photography things that you can do at home without really having to step out from your home. Now go charge up your batteries and get ready for a list of things to shoot while at home!

1) Toys Photography
Image: 1:87 Toy Figurine posed with a frothy drink.

Every home today would have some toys of some sort, get creative! You can take your time to pose your toys, find complementing subjects and create stunning toy images!

Image: 1:87 Toy Figurine posed on wholegrain bread slices.



Small Group Tours gif.gif


2) Outside Your Window
Image: Singapore at 04.00pm

Depending where you stay, most of us stays in public housing (called flats in Singapore). Although we do not recommend you fixing that 500mm and point it at the hot chick staying opposite your unit, you can make use of the sun light shadows or use an ultra wide angle to capture the feeling of diversity of public housing in Singapore.

Image: Sun Rise by Audrey Wong, shot from her home window.




3) Corridor Garden Macro
Image: If your potted plants are blooming in the hot & sunny March/April, shoot!

Corridor gardening is one of the hobby that is very popular with many families. Just take a look at any housing flat block, you will notice many unit will have a row (or a few) of potted plants at the common corridor. While the variety may range from flowering pots to edible vegetables, this is a great opportunity to take a closer look at what you have been planting.
Image: Combine toys with your plants!
Or simply combine your toys with your plants! Open up your apertures and create nature-like images, be creative and you never know what you may get as a result!


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4) Nostalgia from Yesteryears
Image: Collections from yesteryears like badges, coins, stamps all makes very interesting still life subjects.

Time to dig out your collections of trophies, old coins/ notes, stamps, badges or souvenirs that you had been collecting. These items makes very good still life subjects. You can create a scene to pose your items or get creative with using filters or special effects to create images!

Image: Photo by Koh Lye Huat – This is ancient in Singapore’s context!

01 Home Page - Cathay Rewards Card.png



5) House Insects
Image: Look carefully, there are tiny insects living among us in our homes.

No matter how clean or well maintained your home is, there will be tiny friends living among us at some secluded and quiet corners right in our homes! In Singapore, there will be Ants, Lizards, Roaches, Spiders, Beetles etc which is common by any standard. Not forgetting your corridor garden may also get unexpected visitors too. Time to take a second look at your home, you might just find some of these cute little creatures living right under your bed.



6) Play with Water
Image: Water are excellent for fun play & photography.

Water when left on different surfaces, it changes its forms and its behavior. If you think this is a boring idea, try spraying water onto glass, ceramics, boards etc. If you are in the mood for suicide, try spraying water on your Wife’s face too.

7) Hone Your Photo Editing Skills
Image: Photo Editing can be fun.

Lastly, this is a great time to dig out all those old photos to take a second look. You may wish to try to re-edit the images or add a little fun to your old images while taking this time to try out all the functions of your photo editing software. Importantly, have fun!

And if shooting does not interest you at the moment, you may shop for photography gears online at our Online Shop – just click the below banner to start shopping!
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As there seems to be no immediate end to the current Covid-19 situation, we strongly urge everyone to stay safe, stay healthy and to stay away from crowded places & gatherings. Remember, Health above Everything. We can all survive this together! Adios!
– Lee Shi Qing

Contributing Editor – Lee Shi Qing
A firm believer of Self-Sufficient living and gives no f**k to anyone getting in her way to reaching her goals in life. Kind in nature & Dangerous when provoked. Loves Mcdonald’s Fries and hates all the burgers there. While she helps out in gear reviews, Qing is currently serving as an Online Administrator for Facebook Groups and Online Shop.

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