Ourshutterjourney Online Shop Migration


Ourshutterjourney Online Shop Migration
Text by Melody Tan

26th March 2021, Worldwide – We are pleased to announce that the migration of our Online store had been completed and the new Online Store is fully operational now.

In 2017, we left eBay to supported local brand Carousell, at that point, it seems like the right thing to do as most of the sellers and buyers are based in Singapore. That also means a saving on shipping fees and easier interaction between a buyer & a seller. This helps businesses a lot in terms of costs and accountability.

Things changed when Carousell introduced a listing limit last year in Q4, during a time when our economy was almost destroyed by the Covid-19 pandemic. As more businesses moved online to stay afloat and survive, Carousell chose to impose the listing limit to a 30 listing – unless you pay – via their Carousell Coins which have to be purchased using real cash. Fully understand that Carousell is a business and they need revenue to survive, but imposing such a limit may be unbearable to many small businesses that are almost drowning. Not forgetting the high number of individual sellers (non-company) who are relying on online selling to make ends meet and to put food on the table.



After much deliberations & careful considerations, we had come to a conclusion to leave Carousell and migrate our Online store (back) to eBay.

As an established brand, eBay reaches an international audience which are many folds of what Carousell can reach. When we were doing the migration, eBay accommodated to our migration by up-limiting our items and retail value which had made our migration smooth and seamless.

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This is how our new Online Store on eBay looks like.


For the record, we joined eBay since May, 2011.

And to celebrate the migration, all Ourshutterjourney Card Members enjoys a $50 Cash Back when they shop at our new Online Store on eBay. (Valid till Sep 2021).

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