Channel 8 Photography Feature (with Video)


Channel 8 Photography Feature
– Text by Melody Tan

Image: Screen Grab of the Featured Photographers.

04th March 2022, Singapore – Channel8 News ran a feature today on their Morning Express Segment this morning. The topic was on specialized photography that includes dramatic landscapes/ cityscapes & infrared photography.

Out of the 4 photographers (including our Founder & Chief Editor AL Lee), 3 are Members from Shutter Journey (Singapore) – which is managed by We are really proud of these guys!

(Video after the jump)


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Here’s the Video!

In case the vid is not working, you may view here too.

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Jun Hao (Steiner)

Jun Hao was one of the pioneering members of Shutter Journey who excels in landscapes/ cityscapes.

Follow Jun Hao here.


Jimmy Chiau

Jimmy is one of the senior members of Shutter Journey, he dabbles with Infrared since the day we know him.

Follow Jimmy here.

Stanley Chan

Stanley Chan is a known Macro photography enthusiasts as well as a Light Painting Master by the photography circle. He is not a member of Shutter Journey (yet) and we hope one day he will be part of our group and maybe even become a Trainer for our Academy.

Follow Stanley here.


AL Lee

Lastly, our Founder and Principal Trainer for our academy, AL Lee is not new to the photography circle in Singapore. Being the 1st person to hold an IR Photography Exhibition in Singapore, he is responsible for over 11 photography groups in Singapore.

Follow AL Lee here.

Congratulations to all the photographers who got featured – from all of us at !

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