Advertising Rates

02 Ad Rates - Tokina Firin Filters 

Our Advertising Rates (from April 2015)


Primary Audience Includes
– Photographers of All Levels
– Photography merchants and brand owners
– Traders and people looking for equipment news and reviews.
– Artistic individuals
– Media, Photographic, Videography industry
– General Public with photography needs
– Tourists visiting Singapore
and every other person who owns or looking to buy a camera/ lens. Our reviews and articles were one of the most circulated and read, from Singapore to USA. Prominently with presence on Dpreview, DSLR On the Net etc.
Need we say more?

Weekly Reach: 535,000
Type: Worldwide
Ad Type: Advertorial, Gear Reviews, Corporate Announcements, Banner Ads, Promo-Ads.
Price: From $450/ month or $80/ article.

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